BigShinyRobot!: Wet Review

Zombietron writes:

"At first glance this game looked like another push to make gamers look like lonely perverts, (I'm looking at you Soul Calibur). But really its an attempt to make a 70's grindhouse movie into a video game.
Bethesda's WET, set's you as Rubi, an angry, drunk, sword-swinging, gun toting, tattoo covered mercenery. And throws you right into action fighting an Asian gang to reclaim a mysterious metal case."

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dgroundwater3719d ago

Good score, but a bad review. I'll wait for a more substantial article.

andron3719d ago

I don't expect Wet to be anything revolutionary, but I think it will be a decent shooter.

It reminds me of Stranglehold, but I think the demo shows Wet will be better more fun...