LG's 'real-time' gaming monitor hits UK

The real reason you need to get a 2ms monitor...

LG's new W2363V gaming monitor - suitable for fighter pilots.

With an ultra-sharp response time of just 2ms, the monitor is perfect for videogames as it matches the time it takes your brain to respond to images, resulting in a complete lack of lag when playing.

TechRadar managed to get up close and personal with the monitor today, and was impressed with the design of LG's latest 23-inch Flatron, with a contrast ratio is at 70,000:1.

Speaking at the LG event today was Futurologist Ian Pearson, who explained that he used to work in the missile industry and that a 2ms response time on monitors was vital in his job.

"We used to design head-up displays for fighter pilots to try and kill things on the battlefield. One of the really key bits of information I remember back then is 'two milliseconds'," explained Pearson.

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zoydwheeler3716d ago

But then again, I'm no fighter pilot.

blueg3716d ago

Will the things I think appear on here in real time too?

mchax3716d ago

My reflexes are faster than a fighter pilots. I can catch flies with a chopstick, and play Guitar Hero on difficult. So, wake me up when 0ms monitors land please.

peeps3715d ago

well my monitor does 2ms lol and had it about a year. contrast isn't as good though

free2game3653715d ago

anything that says it's 2ms is gtg, when it's actually 5ms btb

trgz3715d ago

I've just been to the LG site and nowhere in the specs for the W2363V does it say it's 2ms btb either

SIX3715d ago

LG is low end electronics. Maybe in 5 years they will be where Samsung is. Sony is still number 1.

dirthurts3715d ago

They have been kicking a lot of butt lately. Have you saw the new LH90 tv's? Amazing...I sold my Samsung to pick that one up.

SIX3715d ago

But as it stands. They are the new kids on the block and it's going to take more than a couple years to get it right. Samsung has been in the biz for much longer than LG so naturally, there products will be better. I know this because I've done importing of electronics in the past and I've seen the quality of each television. Similar to if you look at the PS3 vs 360 thing. Just because the 360 has relatively the same specs. Doesn't mean they are built with the same quality. I'll leave it at that.

mattius19893715d ago

Quite happy with my Lg32" LCD tv.

socomnick3715d ago

You must be delusional, Sony is far from #1 now, #1 Samsung they are truly leading the way with their LED tvs, and soon to be released no glasses 3d tvs. #2. Panasonic They have the best looking plasmas and bought the pioneer kuro techology. #3. LG , they have by far the most interactive tvs with the most multimedia features out of the box, not to mention superb picture quality and low response times all while remaining affordable, 50 inch plus lg tvs are 2.7 ms meanwhile 50 inch samsungs at the same price range are 4ms and Sony tvs dont display the response rate but tests say they are at 6ms.

#4. Sony or Sharp. Both these tvs only have nice television sets when you get the top of the line models their low end models both suffer from banding issues and bad screen uniformity. Not to mention the Sony tvs seem to be outdated having slower response times, lower contrast ratios and bad menus compared to the samsung , and lgs.

#5. Toshiba - Affordable you can get a 46+ inch Toshiba for 1000 dollars, it wont have the deepest blacks but it is very affordable and relatively good quality.

STONEY43715d ago

Sony Bravia is one of the best TVs imo, for monitors I just go with any brand, Samsungs have expensive monitors. Right now I'm using a 28" Hanns-G monitor that only cost me $300, and it's awesome.

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