Bungie Weekly Update: 09/11/09

Bungie writes:

"Man, PAX sure was sweet. Three mega super ultra jam-packed days of nonstop show floor Firefightin', a whirlwind meet and greet with all kinds of Bungie community peeps, super secret, pizza-filled after hours studio stuff that wasn't all that secret (but was, in fact, pizza-filled), and tens of thousands of well-dressed ladies and gentleman from all around the globe descending on Seattle to get their filthy, virus-laden hands on anything and everything that had to do with gaming. Oh, and there were a few booth babes sauntering around too.

Our Firefight stations were a pretty big hit if we don't say so ourselves. The little roped-off nook was bursting with players from start to finish with wait times rarely dipping below the one hour mark. Even as each day wound down, the lines stayed long, and since letting things dwindle down naturally would have resulted in a never ending expo, the sour-faced PAX Enforcers had to step in and shear the line off prematurely."

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