Digital Foundry: Trials HD Tech Interview

Digital Foundry writes:

"In the four weeks since it launched, RedLynx's Trials HD on Xbox Live Arcade has swiftly become one of the most fantastic success stories in the history of Microsoft's digital delivery platform, selling over 300,000 copies. Combining ultra-addictive gameplay with a bespoke, highly advanced physics and graphics engine, Trials HD takes a decidedly retro game concept and updates it in spectacular fashion for the Xbox 360 generation.

In this exhaustive technical interview, we talk with two of the guiding lights behind the game's development. RedLynx's lead programmer Sebastian Aaltonen (aka sebbbi in online circles) is one of the technically gifted coders currently working on the Microsoft console, and has created a graphics engine that exercises and indeed re-purposes the unique architecture to produce a truly unique-looking game. Not only that, but Trials HD is a masterpiece of memory management. There is no loading - access to all content is instant. The 210MB download uncompresses to around 400MB internally, with each level taking a mere 8K (yes, 50 per cent of the memory of a low-end ZX Spectrum) while tournament options occupy a mere 100 bytes (!)."

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