Final Fantasy: Crisis Core Hands-On, New Screens, and Date Set

Today at the Final Fantasy Anniversary party in Makuhari Japan, Square-Enix showed-off two new missions Crisis Core missions at the Closed Mega Theatre. Fans lined up for hours to get a taste. IGN managed to dip in and see for themselves what all the fuss was about.

In IGN's first Crisis Core hands-on last December, Anoop explain how technically marvelous the game is. He is unequivocally right. This is the watershed game that genuinely demonstrates just how powerful the PSP is.

At the end of the presentation as the numbers 9, 13 and 2007 appeared on the screen. That's right, years after its first announcement, Crisis Core now has a final Japanese date of mid September.

Please read-on for the rest of IGN's hands-on.

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Shadow Flare4275d ago

im sending my psp off for repair is for this game. Im a huge Final Fantasy VII fan (it's my favourite game) but i can tell a crappy version when i see it. Cough, Derge of Cerberus, cough. But this genuinely looks incredible. A must have for any psp owner

gta_cb4274d ago

i dont know why but i have never been a fan of this game (or anyother in the series) but i have got a PSP and there ISNT many great games for it, so with this being released i am going to go pick it up when its available, just hope it brings the PSP good news as i dont think it needs any bad news as it hasnt been such a hot handheld as it could have been.

P.S. why does your PSP need repair? ... bricked maybe?... lol .... tried to downgrade it maybe? lol.... j/k seriously tho why does your PSP need repair as i havnt heard of very many PSPs dying etc except when they have tried to downgrade it or run homebrew/muck with the Flash/kernal

sumfood4u4275d ago

2 Solid games from Square/Enix Family Tree hitting the PSP in a big way! Both will defiantly blow dungeon~seige & any other RPG out the water! Believe It!

tehcellownu4274d ago

This game is goin to buy !!!!! for me

BubblesDAVERAGE4274d ago

Psp first rpg system seller .

Maldread4274d ago

i`ll be watching this one closely. Might get me to buy a PSP if it turns out the way i hope for.

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