The Importance Of PS3 Deactivation

John from writes about the importance of deactivating your PS3 if you're selling it, trading it in, or sending it off for repairs. He states the steps to deactivating the PS3 while in your possession, and what you should do if it's not.

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UnSelf3712d ago

Deactivating a ps3?!?!?!

who would do such a thing??!!

PotNoodle3712d ago

Someone getting rid of their PS3? Someone who has managed to boot up a faulty PS3 so they can deactive their account?

Once you have passed that 5 activated PS3's on your PSN account, you cannot download anything you bought on any other PS3 again. To get all activated PS3 list on your account reset is a long hard process and depending on who you speak to at sony, they may not even do it.

Godmars2903712d ago

Someone who doesn't realize that you need to if you planning to buy another and want to access your accounts. Download stuff you already bought into the new machine.

Not that I had the option when my system YLoD and I had to send it in - the repair guy forgot to deactivate it.

Nineball21123712d ago

I know a guy who had this very issue within the last week or two. He shared his PSN games with others and then he had to send his PS3 in for repairs.

Got the new one back and it said he was over his limit when he tried to DL the games again.

I'm sure this doesn't happen frequently, but it does happen. It's good advice to deactivate if you have to send your PS3 off or get a new one.

jarhead9063712d ago

This is the perfect example of a good and informative article.

gordonfreewoman3712d ago

Thanks Jarhead, I thought it was useful.

monkey nuts3712d ago

My 60gb launch model YLOD so I sent it for repair (3rd party), although I just assumed it was unrepairable and bought a newer 80 gb model (addresses the heat issue found in the launch models) . Anyways I was told by a sony rep over the phone that its impossible for them to remotely deactivate my 60 gb as it has to be done on the system locally. So its good too know that they can deactivate them remotely though todo so I would assume your old ps3 needs to be working and be connected to the web. Unless it can be done completely on sonys end.
Thankfully I got my 60gb returned after the motherboard was fixed so I was able to deactivate it in the end. Sold it on then, figured with how hot it was getting would only be a matter of time before the motherboard went again. Sad to see it go.