Hundreds wear rooster hats for Scribblenauts pre-launch event

Did you spot hundreds of people with red rooster hats this weekend? You may have just bumped into a pre-launch event for Scribblenauts. It was an early launch for the Nintendo DS game at the Nintendo World Store. Scribblenauts is out this Tuesday, September 15th, for the Nintendo DS from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer 5th Cell, and has gamers hyped. In Scribblenauts, an action-puzzle game, you play as Maxwell, out to solve puzzles and reach "Starites" by writing out words on the DS.

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Polluted3712d ago

Really? I figured the game would sell well, but I didn't know the hype had reached this level. Who knew people would be lining up to buy it, let alone legions of geeks dressed in rooster hats?

The guys (and gals) over at 5th Cell must be really proud of their weird little creation. Good for them.

sirbigam3712d ago

Lol thats a C.ock Block!

qface643712d ago

wow you don't know what scribblenauts is seriously?

where have you been
what rock have you been under