Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review by JPS

JPS Writes: "Overall, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a very well done action RPG and a fun continuation from the original. Everything that you love about the first game has been improved and some new elements have added depth to the gameplay. This is a must buy for anyone who's a Marvel fan or a fan of the original game."

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DonCorneo3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

this game did not get deduct for the lack of it.

i rememeber innovation was a buzz word around february but now it does not even matter

Baka-akaB3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

For starters the first one sucked massively , for the very next sequel to be good is a rare "innovation" enough .

And it actually features two things innovative enough , though possibly shallow and superficials :

-In what it primarily a beat them all , you actually choose path that are more akin to rpgs kind of decision and choices .

The game is scenarised enough , unlike MUA and XML1 and 2 where you'd mostly randomly pair up whoever you want with whoever you can .

- You can combine heroes attacks ...

That's a short list but seems decent enough given the nature and genre of the title . hell i dont remember anyone slamming the excellent Batman Arkham Asylum for it's lack of innovation .

air13717d ago

i loved the 1st. cant wait till the weekend i know it comes out tom. but i will spend some serious time with that game online with friends..

JoySticksFTW3717d ago

I'm glad that it turned out ok.

Considering that the X-Men Legends games and the first Ultimate Alliance were a lot of fun, I'll be picking this up.

Yi-Long3717d ago

... but certainly not the first few months.

I'll wait for either a GOTY-edition which will have the upcoming DLC included, or until it hits the bargain-bin.

As always, I'm not paying full-price for a game that's already announcing it will be DLC-milking in the near future.

JoySticksFTW3717d ago

I'll probably pick this up soon after I beat Batman, but I have to admit that I don't like the direction this game is going in terms of DLC.

The first game had a lot of unlockable characters & costumes -- by performing in-game tasks and/or earning xp -- not by charging $1.99 per character like this game wants to with Juggernaut

No extra characters for me I guess... I'm not paying for them

Ares84PS33717d ago

...when I entered that water level. That was over the top ridiculous for me. How stupid can anything get really?? Like a cartoon from the 60's.

air13717d ago


yea that water level was ridiculous. the over all game was great though but thats just me i even liked the psp version of it..