Invizimals: Trailer & Screens

GamersDigest have uploaded a trailer and new screenshots from Invizimals.

Invizimals allows players to interact with their environment, using the PSP Camera to look for invisible creatures that lurk around every corner. Using the PSP on-screen sensor, players can track down the mysterious Invizimals and lay down magical traps to capture as many of them as possible.

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Berserk13720d ago


danthegardner3720d ago

I guess you need to get a psp camera with this game. It doesn't look like a pokemon killer at all. It just looks like a more action oriented Eye of Judgement on the go.

Lou Ferrigno3720d ago

True dat my friend,True dat.. but non da less looks somewhat awesome.

HOWEVER,if this comes out for the US that means a camera is on its way too?.. maybe mthis time more then the retarted 1.3 Mpxls.

villevalorox3720d ago

haha :D that is sweet, now motion capturing on the go :P.. looks good lol. not my type but sure lots of people will love this, especially people in japan

danthegardner3720d ago

they try not to directly compete with Pokemon. It is a juggernaut, just like Ferrigno. But it does seem good for kids. Looking around for more creatures with the camera, and Sony could have another Genre on their hands. A camera that revels monsters to play with. Haha. Like Eye of judgement.

Shadow Man3720d ago

It will fail like eye of judgment.

gambare3720d ago

Milo failed and is not even out

danthegardner3720d ago

Good one gambare. Bubble 4 u.

Bereaver3720d ago

Not to be a hater of really such a great idea but.....

I can already see in the headlines....

Child ran over by car while trying to catch invisible monsters running in the middle of the road.....

Funny and not funny at the same time.

danthegardner3720d ago

Local child killed by truck while trying to catch a Kamigmazoreagon in the psp game InviZimals. Sony now faces a $22 million suit.

dreamcast3720d ago

Actually, that's just funny.

Bereaver3720d ago

Child abducted after wandering away from the parent trying to catch a snitkloreon. Police believe the abducter to be a hacker that placed the snitkloreon directly into his vehicle and drove away after the child jumped inside.