Pokemon sells almost 1.5 million in two days

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver have sold 1,480,980 units in their first week of release over in Japan - an impressive launch considering that these are remakes of older Pokemon games and in fact not all-new games.

Even more interesting the games were released on a Saturday - different from the Japanese norm - meaning that the games had only 2 days to track on the chart. 1.5 million in two days - not too shabby.

Pokemon Gold and Silver were originally released on the Game Boy in 1999, and this release finally allows every single version of Pokemon to connect to each other, with GBA and DS remakes of the first two titles in the series that were previously excluded from connectivity.

Japanese retailers are reporting sell-outs across the board and are awaiting more shipments from Nintendo.

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Saaking3719d ago

Pokemon is powerful. Didn't Diamond and Peal sell like 16 million combined? And Platinum has sold like 7 million. It's just insane how much they sell.

randomwiz3719d ago

I found it funny that they get this many sales even with rampant piracy on the DS

Panthers3719d ago

Its like a money cow considering this game hasnt had any major innovation since its inception.

badz1493719d ago

that's what I don't get it about pokemon games! they hardly innovate from 1 iteration to the next, yet the are selling in the millions every fvcking time! it's "pokemillion"!

djt233719d ago

it diff
psp piracy bad but you dont want to buy the game
ds piracy is good and you want to buy the game
because i have hack psp and i dont buy any games for it
but i have r4[you can play piracy games] and i buy alot of game for it
i dont know why but i do

jav09183719d ago

Gold & Silver had the most innovation though allowing you to do 16 badges. It would be awesome if they could make a game with all 4 Regions and 36 badges but make it for the wii instead and make it full 3d with online support and make it really really balanced because 36 gyms is a lot to go through. You would be level 100 by the end of the 2nd region or just raise the level cap.

badz1493719d ago

dude...what the hell are you talking about, Sorry but I have no idea! I don't like pokemons or I shall say I hate them! I don't play these games but my brother do and I asked him about it after seeing he bought a new version when it came out! he said nothing much has changed except just bunch of new monsters!

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G4drake3719d ago

"I found it funny that they get this many sales even with rampant piracy on the DS" people who tried to play the game by piracy,they got f***** up because Nintendo made a freaking good job on making a code that prevents from pirating

way to go nintendo.

-x.Red.x-3719d ago


link plz I gotta see this.

Tarmgar3719d ago

Lol, I would love to see the facts on this statement. If you want to say that, please say the PSP. Because at least for the PSP, you have to basically "fry" it to pirate it.

Darkfocus3719d ago

what are you talking about pokemon hh &ss's copy protection was hacked before the game was even officially released

Nitrowolf23719d ago

They both are already hacked. I know the new Mario game makes your game freezes on certain type of carts. Nintendo will probaly do that for english version of pokemon. Same with PSP and PC games. They are starting to put protection and weird bugs in-game

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-x.Red.x-3719d ago

I'll buy me a DSi and Pkmn SS for $200 instead of an $199 360 arcade.
making a better choice too.

PS3PCFTW3719d ago


all tha classics, in the palm of your hands


NaiNaiNai3719d ago

I sold my ps3 just so I could get a DS lite again, was so worth every penny to.

patronnessy3719d ago

Pokemon never gets old it seems

swiftshot933719d ago

just so you know, CoD already has over 1.1 million pre-orders in NA alone...and we're still 2 months away...

BRG90003719d ago

But this number is just for Japan though. Which has a much small base of players (smaller population in general). These numbers in Japan are like a game selling 5 million in two days in the U.S.

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The story is too old to be commented.