FlatOut Ultimate Carnage: City Central 3 gameplay

Video of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, showing the City Central 3 level

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TheMART4271d ago

Isn't this just Burnout, only difference, the driver flies out the front window with a crash???

Really, even the counter of current place in the race is taken from Burnout. Don't really get it....

jib4270d ago

it is like burnout but the cars don't drive as arcadey. the cars in flatout drive as if they have weight to 'em which is why ive always preferred flatout over burnout. plus the crashes are way better.

nix4271d ago

boy.. was it only me or did anyone noticed how it lagged throughout the game? by the way, any idea on which console did they run this thing so that fanboys can start fighting again?

MarvinBesz4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Xbox 360, it's a 360 exclusive

nix4271d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

ooops guys.. lag? what lag? i told ya there were no lags.. i've been drinking too much coffee, i guess.. and the damn caffeine has screwed my head.... it's running as smooth as a silk.. no lag at all!!!

gta_cb4270d ago

i am kinda suprised at how no one has replyed to your post, so i thought i would =D
i dont know why your trying to start flamewars when we could actually have normal convos when its not a comparison between the Xbox 360 and PS3, but then again i spose people are just ... ignoring your comment?

seriously DONT think i am starting on you, i am just trying to figure out what you game is tonight... maybe its because i have just watched basic instinct 2 and its now 1.26 or maybe its because you literaly arnt making sence when people are posting sometimes not to have wars... hmmmm....

Premonition4270d ago

I thought I saw the twin towers in this game. Did anyone catch it, like where they are near some park.

sumfood4u4270d ago

I've seen less debris on parade streets than on this game! Believe It.

Premonition4270d ago

If anyone thinks this game is cool, they better have liked Fullauto cause if they didnt I dont see how anyone think this game is cool. This guy drives like 15 laps and you would figure the car would have looked like its been in hell and back and hell again, the damage system needs some big working on.

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The story is too old to be commented.