Can Sony really make all existing PS3 games 3D?

TechRadar writes: Sony appeared to have fired the first real mid-generation salvo at the IFA consumer technology show last week, when it demonstrated PS3s running real time 3D on a new range of consumer Bravia televisions, due to launch in 2010.

The most tantalising bit of info? That Sony thinks it may be able to convert all existing PS3 games to 3D with a simple firmware update, because much of the image processing is done by the television itself. It sounds almost too good to be true.

Retro-fitting all PS3 games with 3D could turn the console war on its head, but is it even possible?

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mastiffchild3713d ago

You say that and , fair enough, it's the normal and often correct fall back position henever any brash tatements about near future tech are made. However, Sony have been showing games in playable 3D for 18 months now and using three(IIRC) different systems for doing it too-going sofar as to say, after wowing at GDC, that that particular tech was obselete already?!!

They COULD have a couple of solutions on the go-one for older games and one for those yet t come with the latter,onviously, more likely to be the more effective. Avatar is said to need nothing more than a 1080p TV for it's £D and that's multi plat so why couldn't Sony, who are yet to drop the bomb on exactly what they know, have a way of doing this?

Sure, I tend to think it's a nit optimistic after hearing so much hokum for all comers this generation but with the amount of work they seem to have been putting in , and for such a long while, I can't just rule it out-not just yet.

zoydwheeler3712d ago

I think perhaps *some* of the bigger AAA PS3 titles *might* be given a 3D makeover (particularly first party Sony games).

However - I really think the cost of upgrading older games is going to be unrecouperable for third party publishers and independent developers, who are far more likely to put development resources into developing NEW 3D games, and 3D versions of their bigger PS3 titles.

zeeshan3712d ago

Even if they can support all games, the 3D Televisions are going to cost a fortune. Heck, even the 120hz LCD HDTV cost a lot of $$$ imagine how much a 3d TV would cost if they launch it next year! Though, some day, it will all come to realization. When the 3D TVs will be affordable and there will be true 3d gaming. That my friends will be epic!

MBB3713d ago

I read one article suggesting that even going on from here, the PS3 has the advantage for 3D due to the higher bandwidth of its HDMI 1.3 connection, compared to 1.2 on the Xbox. 5Gbps seems like quite a bit to me, but I'm no expert.

jedthehumanoid3713d ago

Maybe - I look forward to seeing what Sony does with it. The 3 people in the world who have 3D TVs are going to love this if it works...

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3713d ago

Maybe Dynasty warriors will actually be considered playable with 3D tech?.........Nah.
3D tech would be another step in gaming evolution the possibilities are SCI-FI.