40% of Command & Conquer players go online

Around 40 per cent of gamers playing the last Command & Conquer game went online for a multiplayer experience, but while the team at EALA is working to motivate a higher proportion to do so in the forthcoming Command & Conquer 4, it'll never hit complete saturation.

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The Meerkat3717d ago

Tiberium Sun was the first game I played online.
I played it so much I got to 60th in the world rankings.

Its just so sad that they won't allow a mouse to be used on the 360 versions.

DuneBuggy3716d ago

Agreed. I made the mistake of buying it for a console twice for the PS2 and 360. I believed a 360 review stating the controls worked well for it.
PC only from now on.

Nihilism3716d ago

we'll i'm not in the 40%, so if you think i wanna constantly be online in order to play c&c4 EA then you can go jump

jakethesnake3716d ago

I'm not in the 40% either. By the time I finished the campaigns, I had had enough RA3. It just wasn't good enough for me to bother playing online. And as for C&C4 requiring you to be online all the time? I just won't buy the game. Well, I might once in a few years once it hits 10 dollars.. Any single player game that requires a constant internet connection isn't worth more than 10 dollars.

Nihilism3716d ago

yeah that game could have been alot better, i just didn't dig any of it that much, i loved c&c3 + kane's wrath though, they were very true to the original games, they felt old skool