Forza 2 vs PGR 3 Video Comparison

Side-by-side video comparison of Forza Motorsport 2 and Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360.

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power of Green 4486d ago

Just got through playing both demos have to see urban enviroments in forza2. PGR3's feel is not even in the same ball park as F2 we can do all the comparisons we want people want a Sim and next-gen is so much more than whatever this vids suppose to be proving. P Like i said just got thrpugh playing both Its funny they didn't even wait untill the game released to do comparisons at least do them with the same type of enviroments. The cars are not even close in visual quality; at least not on my 42" LCD, you would be lieing if you were to say that PGR3 had anything on Forza 2.

FeralPhoenix4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Well I own both games, PGR3 is really good....but so far the Forza2 demo is gettin some serious test time on my part, Forza's graphics in my opinion are a little better than PGR3, both games are eye catching on my 50" Sony plasma, although some cars/angles in Forza2 makes some cars look a little too shiny on the hoods but overall so far Forza2 is just a much deeper game. I mean you can't get away with sh!t in Forza2, you have to break correctly and steer your car through the turns without turning too hard or too little, there's just a slight margin of error, I know that's true for most racers but its done much more true to life in this game, really the physics of this game is just amazing and the damage is better than I first noticed. I guess the only concern I have now is the computer controlled cars AI...those f-kers are good, they are fast and I haven't seen them crash yet, except when I crash the bastards myself, uhm, wait a minute I guess AI cars rarely ever crash in any racer, but I want them to in this game!....-and just when I think victory is mine, here comes one of those dirty SB's smacking my bumper in a turn spinning me out into the abyss...err, well guess what, they haven't seen the last of me, I'm about to get back behind the wheel. -ha, ha my wife just asked me if she could try out Forza with my wireless wheel, -lol, I got to go, this is gonna be some funny sh!t!

[Edit] oh, BTW I'm going to take a pic, and show off my wheel and the game in action on my 50" HDTV...and one of my buddies is a welder,(cool guy) I had him over my house and showed him my wheel and the next day he made me a custom built steel table....all he asked that I let him know when I get Forza2. OK, OK Later.

techie4485d ago

Feral we're going to get you to 10 bubbles if it's the last thing we do.

Both look good.

Antan4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Nice setup Pheonix. Hey, i hope you don`t drive from that position!!!! hehe.

Spunkmeyer434485d ago

Please please stop with the it looks good on my large lcd tv, sweet jesus does anyone care, if your manhood isn't up to scratch don't try and compensate it with a tv!!!!!

Personally visually i think car games have a responsibility to look good!!! I think so far (considering is only demo) forza is no where near as good as it should be, and as much as it pains me to say GTHD looks far better (oh i feel dirty) and personally PGR3 also looks a touch better, and i know that its about gameplay but graphics only seem to not matter when they are crap!!! Call me shallow but they matter to me! Anyhows will still love it coz the first Forza rocked but i truely hope it looks better than that when released!

Anyhows just gonna crack out my 14 inch black and white mono, bush tv!!! Let the good times roll!

Oh and anyone tries to claim i'm a sony fan boy and i crap in your ear!

crystallakekiller4485d ago

i agree with you 100%! i dont care wich tv people have...i think they maybe need some attention!anyway,forza2 is very disappointing to me....the gameplay is good....but the graphics are bad..they simply look last-gen!and its not enough for me,i payed big bucks for the 360,and the games are now 10$ i wont accept half good games,i want good gameplay and good graphics

FeralPhoenix4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

...and this is the comment section, right? where you are allowed to comment and post personal pics about anything videogame related, right? -lol, Deep & Antan I appreciate the comments, Thanks. oh, and Antan noooo I don't drive from that position, (unless I've had waaay to many beers) yeah I know you were j/k but seriously if I take the pic from the front all I get is glare so I did my best. Now as for Spunkmeyer and the Crystallake guy....many members of N4G share pic's all the time. I'm sorry you two didn't like my pic's, I had know idea that by me commenting, sharing ideas, and showing off my TV to other members (response directed to POG) means I'm trying to compensate for my manhood....they should put that next to the "Attach Images" button instead of "(optional)" in case we forget OR is it possible its you two who have some sort of complex? If you don't care, don't look, you don't have to click on "View Attach Images".... either way there's no reason to be "hateful" about it.

Now most importantly as far as Forza2 is concerned I disagree with you because IMO it looks great -far from "last gen", but like I said its not a huge leap over PGR3 but it does look slightly better and overall its just much better put together than PGR3. I'm not knocking PGR3 its still a great game but the Forza2 demo is even more fun IMO. Well they say opinions are like.....uhm, well you know, so we will have to agree to disagree. oh, and Spunkmeyer please don't "crap in my ear." -lol

gta_cb4485d ago

wow man nice setup! i only have a 32" HDREADY tv, but then again i am only 18 lol, its nicely stuck up on my wall with my Xbox 360 under it =)
i tell you what, when i next see you posting your set up on a thread i will aswell =)

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MoonDust4485d ago

Dumb comparison. I love the demo.

ITR4485d ago

PGR games all seem easy to me.

Will the FM2 demo hit the Wally Worlds and Target demo disc's?

mellowspaz4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Forza 2 is 60 fps and PGR3 is 30 fps, you can't see from the video just like with Forza 1 vs Forza 2 the difference in framerate since this is being streamed at 30fps.

It takes twice as many polygons to run at 60fps, so this is a pointless comparison

Antan4485d ago

"It takes twice as many polygons to run at 60fps, so this is a pointless comparison".

Come again?

techie4485d ago

"It takes twice as many polygons to run at 60fps, so this is a pointless comparison".

best quote in a long time lol.

mellowspaz4485d ago

oops my bad, i meant twice as many polygons to run 60fps compared to 30 fps if using the same polygon models. blah blah

techie4485d ago

"oops my bad, i meant twice as many polygons to run 60fps compared to 30 fps if using the same polygon models. blah blah" the polygons are still the same. Antan can you explian the difference and why its harder to render at 60fps rather than 30fps.

Antan4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

It aint rocket science guys. The more you push, the more you display, its going to eat into your frame rate. Lots of little tricks can be applied to keep at a nice high rate, culling, reducing draw distance, lowering AA and AF levels, lower poly models, these are just basic things of course but would also mean using these methods would come at the sacrafice of overall gfx quality. Its kind of a balancing act really, also depends on how good the engine is under the hood. The fact Forza2 manages 60fps with 8 cars on track with the great draw distance and the fairly pretty gfx is a really good achievement. Forza3 i expect will still be 60fps, but also hoping 2yrs dev time will increase everything two fold, as you would expect.

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