Game Central: Left 4 Dead 2 Preview with Chet Faliszek

Game Central writes: "A small sampling of new tools by which to bash the living shit out of Louisiana-fed zombies: a Katana sword sharp enough to make Hanzo Hattori grin with glee, a cumbersome but ridiculously powerful fire axe lifted straight from TF2's Pyro class, and a… heavy metal electric guitar leftover from an Ozzy concert? Better believe it. Oh – and that's just three of the nine available extra melee weapons. You can also get your clammy, sweaty mitts on Aunty Anne's greasy frying pan, a pock-marked cricket bat (cheeky!), a hefty Louie-ville slugger, and a rusty machete, amongst others. The catch? Picking up these weapons now relieves you of your pistols, unless you're incapacitated, in which case you whip out a shooter from your back pocket much like Call of Duty 4's "Last Stand" perk."

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