New Forza 2 Screens

New screenshots of the Xbox 360 exclusive Forza Motorsport 2.

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power of Green 4179d ago

I need the real game the demo's just a hint of this fun SIM.

Cartesian3D4178d ago

I dont care TOO much about graphic.. but cars act like last gen engins... and I think they didnt work enough for car reactions and physics... it seems that cars are a 5KG piece of plastic...

anyway its more fun than NFS series(except mostwanted:P )..

PS360PCROCKS4178d ago

Ok seriously? what was that demo turn 10? Because this is like a thousand times better than anything I saw. What is going ON!?

Rybnik4178d ago

Chill Rocks, I think the demo is pretty old. its still cool though, and hey see, we have this to look forwards to at release, not bad, eh?

PS360PCROCKS4177d ago

Nope not at all. I'm chill though I am just curious whats up. I too think it's a really old version of the game. everything seems off