Uncharted 2 Codes Emailed Out

Check your email boxes, because the Uncharted 2 GameStop beta codes are being sent out. If you happened to place an online reservation through GameStop or EBGames, then you'll be happy to know you'll be getting your Uncharted 2 beta code in your email boxes any time now.

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AXOi3712d ago

I cannot wait any longer.... Who wants to raid the blu-ray factory and steal all the discs NOW?? we'll still pay for them, I'd never steal from ND <3

Cwalat3712d ago

Shaban, I'm in ;) I WUNT MY COPIE OV UNCHATUD 2!

(kudos for that awesome avatar, without a doubt one of the greatest comedians of our time)

AXOi3712d ago

:D You don't know how many Şaban compliments I'm getting :)

MattyF3712d ago

The wait is almost over. Less than 24hrs left!! :-D

VegaShinra3711d ago

Dammit GameStop hasn't sent me my code yet. Should have expected they'd screw me over and get it to me late.