Stop the Exclusive Jealousy "It has been with us ever since the first sign of exclusive content and it's officially getting truly ridiculous. It happens, for example, whenever a certain console gets some launch feature or DLC exclusively while the other console is left without it, especially when the exclusive content was originally thought to be on both systems. With the announcement of the XBox 360's exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV DLC (The Lost and Damned), exclusive jealousy made an appearance..."

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Saaking3716d ago

Bots are always jealous of Ps3 exclusives, the best games this gen.

INC NATE21313716d ago

ps3 fanboys are the most insecure gamers I have ever met in my life! take this saaking fellow right here, he spends all day commenting on 360 stuff and bashing it all day. Just like if you go on youtube, you see a bunch of ps3 fanboys on the ps3 song just sitting there bashing 360. you know what i have notice ps3 fanboys, they spend more time defending the ps3 than actually playing it. I see these ps3 fanboys on this all day as well as on the ps3 song on youtube all day, do you guys ever play your ps3 or just siting there try to defend it because your insecure about your console and to make yourself feel better about buying the piece of crap, you sit here all day trying to defend it, unlike you fahgggggggggggggggggets! i play my 360 more than i do defending it on websites!LOSERS!!

Obama3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"shut up droid
dude it doesnt matter what the ps3 slim does, 360 in north america is dominating the ps3, the ps3 has not one a single month yet, and i bet when the npd comes out, 360 will still have more sales!! in japan 360 out sold ps3 in the last 3 months, and dont make me bring up the uk, who in the last we saw A 75% INCREASE, READ EM AND WEAP DROID, SONY IS A SINKING SHIP, AND THE PS3 SLIM IS A QUICK REPAIR PATCH THAT WILL EVENTUALLY WARE OFF AND DISAPPEAR"

Another sales bot who is a hypocrite. You sound pretty insecure there INC NATE2131.

CernaML3716d ago

Ahahaha. You just just got owned within a few minutes of posting your hypocritical stupidity. Do I sense someone who is completely butthurt?

Etseix3716d ago

*With the announcement of the XBox 360's exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV DLC (The Lost and Damned), exclusive jealousy made an appearance*
i dont have to read more than that to say this,

this fails because, it might have started with Metal Gear Solid 4 being exclusive to PS3, 2008* and Lost and Damned was released until 2009

wonder why every site tries to spin the things in here these days LOL

toxic273716d ago

Maybe I should of cleared it up a bit more. When I listed those three "incidents" surrounding the topic of exclusive jealousy, those were just three examples.

I tried to even it up a bit (to stop people from calling my site bias or whatever) so I gave one example of XBox 360 owners complaining about exclusive things and two examples of PS3 owners complaining.

I never once said in the article that those were the only three examples or those were the "incidents" that started it all. I simply listed three more recent examples.

Honestly, I'm not trying to spin anything.

3716d ago
Sanzee3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I wasn't even aware there was any jealousy. At least from an Xbox 360 owner's point of view. I have nothing to be jealous of regarding the PS3 or its games, and I wouldn't expect PS3 owners to be jealous of my console or its games. Unfortunately, they give it more attention then even we 360 owners do. I'm starting to think a certain group of individuals put this on themselves.

Winter47th3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

All I wanna know is, how is a demo that's supposed to reach as many consumers as possible, be exclusive to a console like the 360? Bionic Commando, Lost Planet. I mean seriously. the whole god damn point of a demo is to reach as much consumers as humanly possible. How the **** is shafting a large important portion of your fans out in favor of the other half be any good to your business? retarded much? Think ffs.

DelbertGrady3715d ago

Do you mean these individuals? Check the comments section. Open zone or gamer zone doesn't make much difference.

Microsoft Xbox 3603715d ago

Jealousy drives competition and competition is good for this industry. Any industry in fact. Stop living in your own dream world were jealousy does not exist.

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Bathyj3716d ago

I cant recal any PS3 seriously giving a crap about GTA DLC.
Most of us found the game to boring to even finish.

sirbigam3716d ago

Exactly my dude, right on the money.

ghostface3716d ago

I just finish the game,and i had it day one.

Winter47th3716d ago

I reached the ending and I had one mission left, but I quit on it. It was seriously boring for its own scale. I got tired of all those freaking phone calls.

morganfell3715d ago

Dead on the money bathyj.

And no one was more jealous of a game than were 360 owners wanting MGS4. And they still aren't getting it. Rising may be a lot of things but it isn't Metal Gear.

ReservoirDog3163715d ago

There were many, many, many PS3 owners that wanted the GTA DLC on the PS3. I'm one of them. Do you remember when someone apparently saw TL&tD on the PS3 at gamescon? Remember how much heat that story got?

You guys didn't like GTA IV, fine. But there were many people who did and still do. And many of those people would love the DLC to make its way to the PS3.

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Bathyj3716d ago

If you want to talk jealousy, how about M$ buying every PS exclusive they could. They couldn't make their own games in any serious quantity, and they knew most titles people want were born on PS, so rather than invest on studios and their own future they set about rounding up all theose titles that were exclusive to PS last gen, and are multiplat now.

Wiitactics3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

That right there is an example of extreme fanboyism in the Gamer Zone, the comment it's so biased that it has lots of agrees to confirm it.

Now come and disagree with the truth. =/


The truth is this one. -All these games like FF, Devil May Cry, etc. were once exclusive on the PlayStation because the third party companies wanted it like that. The PlayStation was the most successful console and there wasn't a need to invest more money in multi-platform development.

All those devs that abandoned Sony this gen was because of their own arrogance. Sony made a $600 console thinking that everybody would see the value in it and buy it like crazy because it was a PlayStation console but it turned out to be the other way. Everybody ignored it and went with the X360 and Wii and by that all these third party games that used to be exclusively on the PlayStation rapidly jumped ship because then their games wouldn't had the necessary exposure to make them any profit.

Sony themselves were the ones that got into this problem and all these excuses about Microsoft buying exclusives it's just fanboyism BS. In fact I use that same lie to troll and get into arguments with other fanboys but just to have a little fun. But right now I'm being dead serious.

----------------------------- ----------
But things changed for Sony and they will raise again to be #1, a little late to retain FFXIII as an exclusive tittle but not too late to keep FFvsXIII as one.

I bought the PS3 because of blu-ray, FF and Gran Turismo. I got a $600 Paperweight3 when it came out because I saw a lot of future in it but it broke like 5 months ago and I bought a PS3 slim like 4 days ago and it is my primary/only console. My point is that I am a big Sony fan even now. I supported the company even when they were making the bad choices but sometimes I just like to play at being unbiased. And that's why I made this comment... Kinda long isn't?

Bathyj3716d ago


Its the blatant truth.

If you dont agree then where have you been this whole gen while M$ was buying up games everyone first played on Playstation?

Dude you're like arguing that water isnt wet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3715d ago

I agree with wiitactoics on the fact that prior there were no need for third parties to invest into a different platform other than the Playstation since it was the dominating console.

Sony lost the footing and well many of these games found a new home and more profit for the publisher/developers. The so called exclusive titles such as FF and MGS existed on the Nintendo platform, prior to it's virtual exclusivity to Playstation.

So the game just moved from Nintendo, to Sony to now MS as well.

Anyone that believes MS bought up all these exclusives prior to believing that it is a wise business decision to invest in a platform that has a significantly larger audience than the PS3 is very dense at understanding business or just a fanboy.

DelbertGrady3715d ago

The fact that you write "M$" just shows what you are made of.

Speaking of jealousy, have you ever peaked in the comment section of a Halo:ODST article?

Bathyj3715d ago

No Soda, you have it wrong as usual.
The fact that I write "M$" just shows what Microsoft is made of. Dollars before everything. Yes, yes, I know its business and everyone wants to make money. Not many go about it like M$ does. I think the $ is fairly apt. Anyway, youre putting to much thought into it. Its not like I'm cackling evily while I write it, its just how I write it without thinking like a capital J in BathyJ.

And no I haven't looked at the Halo:OD section. It doesn't interest me. I usually comment on things I like or things that rub me the wrong way, not things I'm indifferent to.

RedPawn3715d ago

It's called install base, with hardware that can run your projected products. Companies have to keep it going regardless of what you or I think. You alone don't dent one iota in individual company sales. Of course a lot of big name games have to go multiplat, you just leapt huge feet in tech, and for a lot of developers the PS2 was the sweet spot. This trend will end very soon.

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Shnazzyone3716d ago

So you 360 and ps3 jerks stop spamming capcom about tatsunoko vs capcom and Monster hunter 3... JEEZE! Can't wii have any damned exclusives without everyone whining! I never whined about re 5 coming to hd consoles!

SiteNblog Defender3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I agree. The Wii hate here is astonishing.

Great article.....NOT!

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