Around Azeroth: Fear the Reaper

Gwinydd of <Rose Thorns> on Bael'gun writes, "I died while doing the Gjalerbron quests in Howling Fjord, and saw the Sepulchral Overseer heading toward me as I found my corpse. The irony of an undead creature, whose job is to create new undead, bearing down on a dead undead was too much to pass up. Can a lich sense a person's soul hovering beyond the veil? Can their claws reach through and snatch the spirit as it attempts to re-enter the body, spinning it screaming into the void, leaving the physical form to be reanimated to perform the Lich King's will? A few days later, a priest friend and I went back to finish up the quests, and we took this bad boy down. Intense fight for two clothies. /flex."

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