The Beatles: Rock Band versus Guitar Hero 5

Gamer Limit writes "The Beatles: Rock Band is a product of such love. So much meticulous work went into making sure every facet of the game was true to the Beatle's soul, you'd swear they were making a comeback.

This kind of care is in stark contrast to Guitar Hero 5's recent infamous corporate use of grunge legend Kurt Cobain. Read on for a quick journey into the utterly polarizing world of contemporary rhythm games."

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thedoctor3712d ago

Gotta say I'm not a fan of much of The Beatles' work, however, I'd be more willing to pick up The Beatles Rock Band than another crappy GH title.

AcesAndEights3712d ago

I think I still prefer the overall variety of songs you get in a standard Rock Band or the Guitar Hero releases. But the overall style and animation and dedication that went into the Beatles game, was an amazing experience.

StartWars3712d ago

Guitar Hero is turning into an over inflated cash cow these days, but GH5 did at least offer some improvements. As for Rock Band, I admire the extensive catalogue but prefer Guitar Her's interface. Why can't we have a best of both worlds?

SilverDragon19793712d ago

I am personally loving The Beatles Rock Band myself. Harmonix is a company full of musical geniuses.

TheGameLlama3712d ago

I read a quote somewhere, went something like this:

Harmonix is full of musicians, Activision is full of businessmen.

So true.

jessfams3712d ago

Have to say I'm siding with Harmonix on this one. I'd rather spend what little money I have on a game that was made with a great deal of care and research than another tired rendition of Guitar Hero mainly meant to rake in some cash.

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