Sony still dead set on selling 13 million PS3s in 2009

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Since the price cut and introduction of the 120GB PS3 in Cologne last month, things have been on the up and up for Sony's PS3. Last week, early retail reports indicated a massive movement of PS3 hardware and data supplied by the NPD Group showed PS3 sales improving year-over-year, the first occurrence of that in 9 months.

However, the fact remains that the console is still down more than 1 million units worldwide in comparison to 2008. Regardless, Sony is still confident in overcoming that gap.

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The-Warranty3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Saying something like that makes me thing GT5 will come out. Reguardless the Slim is putting Sony on a Roll

N4G king3718d ago

im 100% sure
sony can do it

just keep doing the good moves that you've been doing lately Sony
and you'll sell more than that

FlipMode3718d ago

Big things Poppin at TGS?

zeeshan3718d ago

If they announce something massive like AGENT or GT5 09 release date, they have it covered. I also think that SONY should introduce a couple of bundles of Uncharted 2, GT5 and other heavy weight titles. That should nail it. They saw an extra ordinary boost in sales this month but it'll eventually start to fall. If they can do half of what they have done the last few weeks, they'll achieve their targets easily. Heck, there is a chance that they can even exceed their target. TGS is going to decide if Sony is really going to sweep this holiday!

Saaking3718d ago

Price Cut + FFXIII + GT5= Goals met and exceeded.

FlatulentGhost3718d ago

Sony sold 10 million PS3s worldwide in 2008 at 400 dollars.

There doesn't need to be any 'big news'. The 299 Slim will bring the PS3 to 13 million worldwide for 2009 with ease.

SupaPlaya3718d ago

look at my avatar.

Imitating Rob Schneider's voice: "YOU CAN DO IT!!"

umair_s513718d ago

I wont be surprised if they do it. They must have some slim bundles planned, along with others thing

LoVeRSaMa3718d ago

if this is a business projection and not PR talk then I believe they can do it 100%

Sony are an international business, they do not throw numbers into the air unless they mean it.

Anon19743718d ago

I argued this before the price cut and slim were announced. These were internal numbers that Sony stuck to as being able to hit in fiscal 2009. These types of projections aren't made haphazardly. If they can't meet those figures they have to answer to shareholders, there's internal audits, heads generally role. That's why it's such a big deal when they have to revise those numbers down.

The fact that Sony was still sticking to the 13 million figures, despite the sales so far this year pretty much cinched the fact that either the Slim was coming out, they were cutting the price or both. Turns out it was both, and with consumer spending slowing heating up again, there's no reason Sony won't be able to make this happen this holiday season.

RememberThe3573718d ago

Even if this is a PR move, it is still a very attainable number. These type of projections are the kinds that send a message not only to consumers and the competition, but internally that people need to keep their game tight. If these projections aren't met it will look bad, and no one wants to look bad. It lets everyone know that their here to play ball not shoot around.

3718d ago
DelbertGrady3718d ago

"However, the fact remains that the console is still down more than 1 million units worldwide in comparison to 2008."

Sounds promising. Who cares about sales anyways? We play games, not sales, right?

xxBiG_BoSSxx3718d ago

it took the ps2 68 months to reach 100 million. that averages out to about 1.5 million a month, so i think now that the ps3's price has dropped its entirely possible for sony to reach its goal by march 2010.
don't know if they will because they would have to sell about 1.5 million a month to reach it, but either way the ps3 will do very well.
we'll have a better idea how close they can get to their goal, or whether they'll surpass it in the next couple months.

Persistantthug3718d ago

And in that time frame, there's still the Christmas holliday season,

There really should be no problem with them meeting their goal.

waltercross3717d ago

I Think Sony has a good Chance of pulling it off.
The Economy world wide was bad all year, PS3 Price "Was"
High", Now the PS3 Price is very Competative and According
to the stocks, Economy is picking up.

3717d ago
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gauntletpython3718d ago

If the news over this past week is any indication, than they should have it covered.

Saaking3718d ago

550k in just ONE week is insane. Sony is in for a great holiday as are many new PS3 owners.

Lightsaber3718d ago

Saaking kind of like GT pro had 2 million pre orders in the uk alone but then again it only sold like 300k its 1st week.

Kamikaze1353718d ago

As long as they put out enough advertisement for their big games coming out (even Eye Pet for the casual crowed), then it can be done. Not only that, but they should consider going into a bit detail on what "it can only do everything" means (buy movies online, rent, blu ray player, media stream, web browser, music, video, and picture storage, etc).

gauntletpython3718d ago

Saw a bunch of those commercials watching football today!

Snoogins3718d ago

The new commercials Sony has released in support of the "re-launch" of their system are charming in the vein of the original GEICO commercials, and we have seen the effects of those as people talked about them, for their catchy slogans and wit. One thing I must add to you talking about Sony marketting their big titles is that it is an area they need to work on. One thing Microsoft has done well (extremely well), is how much money they put into theatrical production values that get people pumped up for their exclusive titles (see: latest ODST live-action ad). However, unlike Microsoft, Sony should find a balance of production values as well as selling their games by letting the games speak for themselves. Also, Sony needs to convey a reality that has been evident (for some longer than others) of how much a true value their $299 console is, especially compared to the competition. You know it's a value, I know it's a value, but Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Jane Casual somehow don't realise it yet.

waltercross3717d ago

I Totally agree, I Think Sony should Advertise with the
focus of comparing the PS3 to Both the Wii and the 360, if
they did that then People will understand the True Value of the PS3
Compared to the 360 and Wii.

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NecrumSlavery3718d ago

i see a slight Christmas price drop on top of the current one and TGS will unveil a 250gb Slim. they will replace the current models as the two ps3 consoles, and the rest of the fats will sell out completely. this also makes me think TGS will be the big seller for the ps3 this year. i don't know what they will have but, i am sure its going to be groovy. sony can do it.

Mr Tretton3718d ago

I reeeeally doubt any further price drop is happening this year. C'mon. I think the PS3 is staying $299 for a good while. Especially if it continues to sell well at that price point.