PS3: The Game Is On

A mature campaign for Sony's PlayStation? Sounds like an oxymoron. But how else do you expand the audience for the PlayStation 3? Reduced to $299 and being positioned more as a media center than a mere gaming console, the PS3's challenge is to appeal to moms, dads and even grandparents (gulp!) without wussing out and alienating hard-core gamers who undoubtedly would flame PlayStation into the next millennium if it came out with hokey ads.

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Wildarmsjecht3713d ago

Good article. I can't wait to see the new commercial with the little boy and his grandma. Also taking part in the QnA.

BadboyCivic3713d ago

Sony should of done this at launch,a $299 PS3 a couple years ago would have changed the game completely,sony would be first, wii second and xbox live 3rd...i think the PS execs are finally humble and making the rite moves...

Wildarmsjecht3713d ago

A $299 PS3 launch is ridiculous. Cost of manufacturing for all the parts that is inside of the PS3 would have Sony losing so much money on each PS3 sold that even if they were first in terms of unit sold, they'd probably have to get out of the business. I think ideally, what would've been better was a 400-450 PS3 that had the same hardware revision of the initial 40 gig PS3. Sure that means no PS2 BC whatsoever, but the price point itself would have been alot more manageable for people seeing as how the 360 itself was around there. Seeing as how it was just this year that lowered hardware costs and smaller components were made available to Sony and the PS3, they could never price it at 299 without taking a loss to the whole business that would more than likely affect them negatively moreso than positively.

Saaking3713d ago

It's on, and the PS3 will take nothing but Win. PS3 is #1 for Real gamers.

3713d ago
Christopher_Walken3713d ago

Sometimes I like to put googley eyes on my marketing campaigns.