CVG: Borderlands Preview

CVG writes: "The Man with No Name strolls into Fyrestone with nothing but a date with death on the cards. Dr Death, that is. Or Dr Zed, if you're being picky. Ducking under the awning of the black market body-part-dealer's caravan, No Name's greeted by a wretched sight: a dead body splayed over a rusting table, amputated legs left to fester in a bin, skulls sat in a line on bookshelves and blood absolutely everywhere. Awkward.

Out in the sun-drenched dirt lay fresh cadavers with Zed's name written all over them. They were bandits who tried to attack No Name but never stood a chance. Thankfully they weren't residents so the town's population signage (recently repainted to say 24) needn't be changed again; the sorry graveyard with half-tyres in place of headstones needn't be expanded; the next of kin needn't be informed. Out here in the ruthless deserts of Pandora life will go on. And, as Dr Zed would say, death will keep providing for those still breathing..."

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