Halo 3 ODST Legendary Ending Video *SPOILERS*

Xboxinsider writes: Want to spoil the end of one of this years biggest games? Oh you do? No? Make up your mind! Our anonymous tipster has sent us the end cinematic for the Halo 3: ODST campaign. If you chose to watch it….don't blame us for spoiling anything, we spoiler tagged this bad boy up.

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Saaking3374d ago

Terrible ending for a terrible game.

JonnyBigBoss3374d ago

It's not a terrible game, it's just terribly priced. It's basically DLC with 2 moderate additions. Any other company would get ridiculed for such a move.

54percent3374d ago

"Underwhelmo 3: ODST turns out to be 35 min long"

And just for 60 bucks ....

I guess I would spend that money on looking for someone to hit my head with a hammer instead of buying this overhyped POS

Chubear3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

... millions of people are actually going to pay 60bucks for THAT?! .... rotflmao!!! and these are the same people trying to talk s* about KZ2's and MGS4's story line? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, come on, WTF was that!?!? HA!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 360s and counting3373d ago

What an over rated, over hyped piece of sh!t. It goes to show you that little kids, adults that have the mind set of a little kids, and retards play this and help produce the numbers it does. I don't care if it sells 20 million, it still lacks quality and inovation. The x queers always refer to numbers yet if I crap in a box and call it halo and 20 million ass butts buy it, it does not mean its quality sh!t. Its still just SH!T.

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Saaking3374d ago

Don't be tempted, wait to play the game, don't ruin it; however it was kinda weak imo.

GWAVE3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )


What a SATISFYING ending.


N4G king3374d ago

ppl played\ended the game
even before the relise date
thats why piracy sucks

torrents FTW

SnuggleBandit3374d ago

god i can't wait to see all the "omg is teh halo reviews" //lame

3374d ago
beavis4play3374d ago

i don't think it was THAT lame. actually, it was ok. (considering it's being watched out of context)
no kind of had a little of kojimas MGS humor. at least i thought it did.

El_Colombiano3374d ago

Oh come on guys, for a Halo game, it was pretty good. Then again, when you're trying to outdo a Halo ending, you pretty much aim for the foot, not too high.

Kleptic3374d ago

console war fanboy bs aside...who actually thought halo odst would have a decent ending anyway?...not one halo game has yet, why would this be different?...after all, its just an expansion pack...

and my god halo 3 has stinky character models...Half Life 2 has better facial detail, and it released in what...2004?...

3374d ago
Icecold333374d ago

From the looks of it, I say I have to agree.

ukilnme3374d ago

@ YourCall

It's pointless to bring that up. They are a sad bunch and they know it. Just game on. Let these clowns hate on, it won't change a thing.

Winter47th3373d ago

That is just terrible. And to top it all off that it's supposed to be the Legendary ending. Definitely the worst one in the series. Which isn't saying much.

bpac1234567893373d ago

you dont know the significance of the ending, so how can you judge it. Think of what people would have said if they walked in on the very end of MGS4 (before the epologue), they would have probably thought the same thing you guys are thinking about odst.

disclaimer: I am in no way a halo fan, and infact i really cant stand playing or even watching it, but I do know that watching the ending to anything is a bad wont understand it.

PinkUni3373d ago

only cliff hanger endings are allowed

Elvfam5113373d ago

leading to ending better be the same scale because wow that's a big ass disappointment i guess they following Halo 3 with the Warhog jumping into the aircraft o weill enjoy xbox 360 users

Shepherd 2143373d ago

im not gonna watch it yet, but Halo 3 had a very good Legendary difficulty ending, hopefully this will be good too.

badz1493373d ago

1st, you said piracy sucks and then piracy FTW? dude, make up your mind!

skip2mylou3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

thats the whole point he was making a reference to the article because it had the exact same question

sorry but i dont know if that was sarcasm and yes i disagreed with you

edit 1 but what a weak ending spoilers* basically it was johnson asking the weirld looking flying octopus thing that they were gonna help him because his kind was being killed by the brutes who put bombs on them and killed of millions of johnsons friends. and why is their nothing special towards the end like halo 1 did? all it was basically was a "prophet" coming down and look at those things and giving them a wave or something*

edit 2 forgot to mention the special ending to the legendary finish of halo 2 where cortana and the gravemind thing were talking to each other dont know if halo 3 had one because i have never finished it and i dont plan on playing. played a little bit at my cousins house was bored after seeing master cheif jump like 6 feet higher than the marines height

Godmars2903373d ago

Not like I'm buying a 360 just to play the game.

AKNAA3373d ago

But after seeing this ending.... I don't plan to even start. gawd, even Resistance 2's ending was way better and I thought that ending was like" huh... thats it?!"... but this halo ending was like " that was Gay and Lame."

BattleAxe3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Wow, that was sooooooo lame.......hey guys, I'm gonna step out for a smoke now....

kalebgray923373d ago

lol.... this was so boring not even worth pirating .... waste of gigs
so much for better story... i saw the whole game and it sucks bad.... worth $40 not $60

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Ron_Burgundy3374d ago

that was a horrible ending, why was the guy having a smoke with the alien???

I bet he was like "I bet we look like sh!t in 640p don't we?" :P :P

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KionicWarlord2223374d ago tempted...

But i will not click it!!!!

Saaking3374d ago

click it, you know you want to

3374d ago
KionicWarlord2223374d ago

*elevate`s hands*

Must resist

54percent3374d ago

no, really, we encourage you to buy the full game and play it

3374d ago
RealityCheck3373d ago

The ending is so vague, I don't see how it is considered a spoiler; except maybe a spoiler to learn that the ending is vague.

I'll still play it, while there are games I play because of the story, Halo isn't one of them. That's why I watched this clip. I play Halo just for the gameplay.

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