Tales of Vesperia PS3 Fixes Major Gripe From 360 Version

Tales Union writes: "You may have known about some of the new extras added in the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia, such as the superficial changes such as being able to walk around as Repede or having Flynn being an actual party member. What you may not have known about are some small changes that fix some of the major gripes in the Xbox 360 version, making the game much more enjoyable."

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Gabe EatsWell3717d ago

That's right bots. What you got is just a beta of the full game. Hahaha.

Chubear3717d ago

What would we PS3 gamers do without your diligence in beta testing some of our games? Thank you 360fans.

Now go beta test Splinter Cell and Mass Effect 2 for us... go on, shuu.

N4G king3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

the full game always got more things in it than the beta testing stage

WTF is the artical is talking about ??

is this you ?

3717d ago
MGSR THE HD VERSION3717d ago a splinter cell game that's bested xbox's version.


and don't even think about putting tales of vesperia on par with lost odyssey...lost odyssey blows vesperia out of the water.

tales of vesperia is child's play.... lol, and it's not worth bragging about.

gambare3717d ago

I love your tears, really, how you cry for this is really sweet

N4G king3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

@ gambare
yah i love them too
this guy was on damage control on another topic about the same thing
and got owned

take a lookat the gamer zone in here

any way

MGSR THE HD VERSION3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )


"I love your tears, really, how you cry for this is really sweet"

what is this.....?

and this

"@ gambare
yah i love them too
this guy was on damage control on another topic about the same thing
and got owned

take a lookat the gamer zone in here

any way

when asked if playstation ever had a better splinter cell game, all you people could come up with is a bunch of troll disagrees that translates to "i know the correct answer but I'm not saying it" and........."ha, you gota love these guys"

....dumbest replies yet.

did you guys cry really hard when ps3 got the SD version of ghost busters....even when it was ps3 lead?

360 won on THE day the game left the developer's sight and into shelves........not a year or a year and a half later.

LOL, do you think waiting a whole year to finally enjoy a semi decent game is something to be proud of and gloat about?

OMG, that's sad.

N4G king3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

cry moaaare



lol, oh I'm laughing over here.

360 won day ONE with ghost busters, which looks a thousand times better looking than tales of vesperia.

and tekken6 is on that list too, no joke it's already been confirmed, good luck in excepting

droid and bot3717d ago

get you're head out of your ass
those pictures your posting about tekken looks identical open your eyes
and as you can see
the PS3 fan boys don't give a sh!t about an old game that they have been playing since PS1

your just making a fool out of your self

and yes TOV well be better on the playstation3 not because of the graphics but because the more content in it

get over it
and stop crying like a little b!tch

7ero H3LL3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

naive (droid and bot) and to all, not a single person here knows the right way how to count pixels.

ps3 version is 1024x576 with 2xaa, confirmed by the person who confirmed the resolutions of ninja gaiden2, halo3, haze, ratchet and clank, MGS4, ghost busters, and COD4.

droid and bot3717d ago

sorry i cant understand you

droid and bot3717d ago

ok i got it now
its sad that you have to count pixels to know it
yet at the end they look identical to the human eye
you have to know that no one cares about pixels if it looks the same to the human eye
but what ever makes you happy i guess

El Botto3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Only on PS3.

"but, but, but...the ghostbusters"


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Saaking3717d ago

Thanks for beta testing for the superior and enhanced version bots. Next on you're schedule: SCC and ME2.

Nelson M3717d ago

That's a Crock of Sh*t Right There
How can any Game be Enjoyable on The 3Shitsty

raztad3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Good for PS3 owners interested in this game. I heard this is one of the best Jrpg on the xbox so far, so if the PS3 version is even more enjoyable its a full win for Tales of V fans.

This news will get some angry japanese xbox owners even angrier.

sonarus3717d ago

Thats usually what happens with a beta. The full version lacks the glitches of the beta.

jadenkorri3717d ago

it comes to north america

N4G king3717d ago

anyone that wants this game
just import it
the full English voice acting is in there
and the PS3 is reign free

i know because i'll import it too

STK0263717d ago

are you sure it has english VO? and does it also have English text?

Just wondering, I loved ToV on my first 2 playthroughs and after watching the ToA anime yesterday, I really felt like playing ToV once more, but I don't really intend to wait for a localisation, since it usually takes quite some time.

If it has everything in English, I'd be happy to import it.

Redempteur3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

The jap PS3 version does NOT have the english voices

Because they had to redo almost 80% of the script since they made so much changes in the game ... there is new skits , new dialogues , new quest ..almost every one has a voice now ( it seems even the shop keepers )

SO if you want english voices , that won't happen Until Namco bandai US decides too

However if this Jap version has optionnal english text ..i'll import at the speed of light ...

DigitalAnalog3717d ago

Just do with Narultimate: Ninja storm did. Japanese VO + english subs.

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Raf1k13717d ago

Anyone know if it'll hit the UK stores?

Kushan3717d ago

I don't see why it wouldn't, but since its a PS3 game you'll always be able to import it.

N4G king3717d ago

import it

i mean the full English voice acting is in there
and the PS3 is reign free

ShawnCollier3717d ago

If X360 Vesperia was any indication, I'd assume so. Might be mid-next year unless Namdai gets their act straight.

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The story is too old to be commented.