Party 2007: Next Kingdom Hearts title to be revealed at TGS 2007

Square Enix has announced that the next Kingdom Hearts will finally be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2007. Looks like we've got something to look forward for.

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Cartesian3D4273d ago

but SE will have a busy year..

Vojkan4273d ago

Hmm interesting that they didn't say if it is multi platform. I think they waith to see if PS3 continues to sell poorly and if so than make it multiplat.

darkdoom30004273d ago

square enix is known for exclusives, besides, the only reason there are poor sales is cause of the price. my friends are all going to get a Ps3, im also gonna get one soon(as soon as MGS4 comes out)

and inst square making a multiplatform franchise to fuel their exclusives.

elliot_4273d ago

you juust want some flamewar...
there is no way that KH go multi...cus it was made for sony's console...SE knows that the KH and final fantasy lovers will buy the sony's console...sonner or later...

candystop4273d ago

From the way things are going it might be wii exclusives lol!

elliot_4273d ago

why? only if SE wanted to do a new game with the same graphics...

tehcellownu4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

there is peopel holdin back on the ps3 due to lack of games right now..but it will all change when the games release..the ps3 sales will sky rocket once the greatest games come out for the PS3. aslo they should show more at e3..

BubblesDAVERAGE4273d ago

Why do they have it under 360? I don't think this is comming to 360, but I could be wrong, yet i sincerely doubt it.

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