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MyInsideGamer writes:

"We look at Playstation Home, how it is getting on, what has it achieved and what can it do to become a great online experience.

Xbox Live is currently the mammoth of online gaming. It currently resides on it's throne, connecting games to online matches and such. Sony and Nintendo also have online features, but none as popular as Xbox Live. Sony however are putting up a fight with the introduction of Playstation Home back in December 2008."

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vflhp4252d ago

Does anyone agree with this? Or have anything to add to it?

Go Gaming Giant4252d ago

Live will always be better IMO

vflhp4252d ago

How can you make such a blanket statement?

ape0074252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

xbl is awesome,too awesome

psn is really great for free and has great online experiences only for ps3 like uncharted 2,psn is kinda too genrous for free I think

but still xbl is the king,psn misses a lot of amazing features,the combination of cross game chat\invites,parties,voice massages,the awesome deep player status witch sells the online experience like no other(fir example,playing "gta 4","mission 40","deconstruction for beginners" or playing "cops on crooks" on "south bohan" and there are two types of arrows on xbl friend list,one tell that the game is joinable from anywhere,the other tells that u can join his party,it really goes this deep

and also u can play any soundtrack from anywhere,jumping from online to sp or back to the dashboard won't affect it,it will play on until u stop it(hahah except for the "ms game studios" at the beginning of gears,halo etc..)

also cool gamercards,tons of avatars,the avatar integration,the avatar marketplace and being able to navigate your friend's friend list and other touches make xbl a fully connected online experience from A-Z

Go Gaming Giant4252d ago

Live is just so far ahead of PSN

FlipMode4252d ago

Not at all its actually only a few steps ahead, the left foot is X-game chat and the right one is the Party system. Besides Hardly any DS and nothing like Home.

mrv3214252d ago

Well depends what you consider better
A service which allows you to play online on dedicated servers, with a decent community
A service which allows you to play online with lag with a semi decent community which you'll avoid and the main feature is party chat for $40.

Double Toasted4252d ago

and it hasn't happened. Sony, where are the Plasma Screens? I want to be able to purchase a tv for my apt. and then be able to upload whatever movies I've downloaded to the PS3 or whatever movie I have in the disc slot. I want to be able to invite friends over and we all can watch the newest release or whatever. And I know someone will say, "...if they do that then thats less people who will buy vids from the Playstation Store..." and I understand that, but they could deal with that by limiting the number of people you can invite to your apt or limit your ability to do all of this to one or two days. There are ways to make this has to be. Thats all I'm asking really of Home...oh and having the ability to do back-flips and somersaults.

loser4252d ago

i have both consoles, and i use both on-line.

bith services have dedicated servers, both services have peer2peer games, both services have idiots, but more importantly, both services have lag!!

unless, ofcourse, on the psn, everybody lives next door to each other and they all have super fibre connections? or sony has something that enables the psn to overcome the laws of physics, so that time delay or ping doesn't exist! you know, the psn is so good, you can play on a US server in the EU or vice versa, and not have to worry about the ping because normal things like that dont affect the psn...

trust me, i have both consoles. i live in the EU, and i only play games in my region. byt i have even encountered lag and ping problems on killzone. people bouncing around in the server, or people dropping down dead a second after they have killed me.

but hey, it mite be my 18meg down 1meg up connection that's at fault, because it certainly cant be the gaming utopia that the psn is rite??

Redempteur4252d ago

New moves for your character are coming.

And the plasma screens are on hold because there is a ton of licensing issues to put in place before they can allow that .. Picture frames are ONLY in the Us ..That is because this server is for ONE country ..

But there are licensing issues to mind everywhere else ..

ThanatosDMC4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

The Wii is better. There i said that.

Also dont compare Avatars with Home characters. Avatars can be compared to Miis however.

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vflhp4252d ago

It's very boring at the moment. What exactly do you do to make it interesting?

robbiedillona4252d ago

Xbox live is so much better than Home, It's never going to be beaten by it, And writing an article about how it can is a bit stupid -.-

Just because of 1 item doesnt make the system or the online area better. Xbox live will always win. Microsoft are the most popular computer system with Windows, Xbox Live, Is now tied in with Windows in Various ways, Just re-enforcing the things it can do.

Ps3 home has already lost :]

vflhp4252d ago

How has Home been beatin you fcuking douche? It's just ironing out the creases. If I was Xbox Live, I'd be very worried

vflhp4252d ago

Not for long though, these things happen. MAG will be released and can hold 256 player online matches. XBL doesn't have the technical ability to do so.

Spike474252d ago

yet it has almost the same quality of Live for free. I'd say both are about even.

ape0074252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I played on xbl before psn,then jumped to psn,I feel that there are a lot of things missing

read my comment above

mrv3214252d ago

Actually XBL does have the ability only because EA forced microsoft in allowing them to have deciated servers.

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