Vehicle Update: Mercenaries 2

Pandemic Studios has updated its Official Mercenaries 2 website with a number of new tidbits about the game "World in Flames" just in time for the weekend. In addition to naming the winner of last month's Design the Ink Contest, IGN's "Best PlayStation 2 developer of 2005" has also unveiled a number of new vehicles and a series of videos that highlight the behind-the-scenes antics of the development team.

TheMART6173d ago

This game will show up on 360 also

That's another exclusive that goes multi platform for PS

Cyclonus6172d ago

bringing this to 360 is a no-brainer; Merc 1 sold the most on xbox. And they'll have over 10 million 360 users to sell the sequel to.

joemutt6171d ago

Played all the time, was hoping The Outfit would be my new Mercenaries, it was good, I liked it, but not as much as mercenaries. Part 2 should be killer, will the 360 version be $60 and the PS3 be $60-$90? Why does sony do this stuff?

Marty83706170d ago

Xbots this has'nt gone multi platform yet,meaning it still PS3 exclusive,as its the only version in development as they only have PS3 dev kits,no Xbox360 kits mean no code=no game.Got it,it's that simple.