Halo 3: "The graphics could use some work"........

Microsoft gave a sneak peak at its "Halo 3" game on Friday, presumably the final chapter of the fast-paced shooter trilogy that the software giant is banking on to help it fend off competition from Sony and Nintendo

Gamers at the invitation-only preview gave mixed reviews.

"The graphics can use some work ... They're not much different than the previous Halo," said Nicholas Puleo, editor of gaming news Web site

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drtysouf214176d ago

Wonder how it will turn out. Haven't really heard any negative things about it.

gta_cb4176d ago

i personally think that the graphics are great, and yet some people are forgetting (not #1) that with Bungie Gameplay then Graphics, they need to make sure the game is working properly, see what the consumer likes etc, so as we have about half a YEAR left! til its release i really dont think that these are going to be the final graphics! SERIOUSLY! how could they when its always been Gameplay then Graphics?...

Drew4176d ago

How did this get approved? Have you even seen some of the screens?

Graphics could use some work my ass.

MoonDust4176d ago (Edited 4176d ago )

The game looks amazing, every preview i've read has good news.

Magus8D4176d ago

pshya right. The game already looks way better than Halo2 and still needs much final polishing. The additional animations make the game feel smoother and everything is much more crisp. Bungie has already mentioned they wanted the Halo-esque feel and that means the game probably wont look like gears of war or unreal. But it will look great none the less. I agree it doesn't look spectacular, but it does compared to Halo 2. But i think we shouldn't make any judgement until the final version is out.

candystop4176d ago

Sorry I hit disagree on accident!

PS3 Owns All4176d ago

The graphics are'nt enough for ME to say ''wow'' I know because I am an artist and a gamer and I specialize in visuals. I say H3 is looking like Halo 2 on HD with HDR and blurred effects of the bullets etc.

nix4176d ago

so you're the one who blindly clicks on "disagree" without reading the comments properly... looks like this time around you realised that he wasn't actually complaining... so you decided to come out clean!!! q:

candystop4176d ago

Actually i agreed with him but said that to tick off the guy that keeps on pressing disagree! Trust me If I disagree I will let you know why!

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snoop_dizzle4176d ago

we shall see how it turns out. We could speculate one way or another all night, and i don't feel like doing that.

progx4176d ago

I thought it looked great..