WipEout HD on Blu-Ray will release at 16 October

PS3Hype writes: 'Earlier Sony hinted us at an Blu-Ray release for WipEout HD. But still we've didn't received any release dates for the great PSN game. But now we finally have a release date. At 16 October, everyone will be able to buy the game in the gamestores!'

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LarVanian4520d ago

I wish Sony could have done this earlier. I've already purchased both from PSN store. I prefer to have actual physical copies of games.

samich20074520d ago

yes... it would have sold much more when it was released on psn and blu-ray on the same time. More people online etc...

but you can lose or break a blu-ray copie, and you can't lose or break a download :P so there are some positive sides to download a game...

VicHyper4520d ago

As silly as it sounds, I definitely prefer having a disc and printed material as a physical token of what I am purchasing, to just downloading the game. Also it looks better on my shelf lol. I'll be picking this one up.

vickers5004520d ago


You can if you use your 5 download tickets. The only way that you can break a blu ray disc is if you are careless with it. They are pretty much scratch proof, so you really don't have to worry about that too much. Physical copies will always beat downloadable ones.

CobraKai4520d ago

I would have gotten this game already if it weren't download only.

Information Minister4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

8 months ago this would have been a great move! But now, with PSN cards just around the corner on every territory, it's a little strange.

I'm in a real dilemma now. I also prefer to have a physical copy of my games, but loading times are probably faster from the hard drive and you don't wear down the blu-ray drive. How should I buy the game?

lordgodalming4519d ago

I've been enjoying Wipeout HD for several months now (and Fury since it was released), and I can't believe the content available for, in total, less than $30. If the Bluray is the same price as DL, I would probably get that instead, but if you like racers, you have to try this game.

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Saaking4520d ago

Beautiful game only on PS3.

Fulensenca4520d ago

Finally a release date :D

Can' t wait anymore XD

Wipeout HD, one of best games this generation IMO, deserves to be on a Blu-Ray Disc, thanks Sony ( ... very, very late though! They could do better. Next time be faster! ).

resistance1004520d ago

I suspect it will include the new DLC which hasn't been out that long

Finalfantasykid4520d ago

I wonder if this will include Fury?

Armyless4519d ago

Two reasons you simply cannot resist this title....

on ANY medium.

SoapShoes4520d ago

I mean, that will help clear the air and give it some hype. Now all we have to go by is unofficial word from stores and we have no clue whether or not this will be world wide or just in Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.