Aritst's Idea For A New XMB Is Gorgeous

GOONL!NE writes: 'Every Firmware Update, there's always some problems. 'Where's my favorite button?' or 'Where the icon gone?' or 'EWWW, GRAY BOXES!'.

FW 3.00 added a lot to PS3, but it seemed to add too much. Instead of the old, clean, friends list, PS3 users were outraged that friends are now encapsulated by large, ugly gray boxes. Sony have said they're looking into changes. But maybe the internet can give us a better idea…'

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originalrece3722d ago

everyone should support this dude....... if we do we might get the changes we want...

tdrules3722d ago

the two posts hes made on the us and uk playstation forums have had around 100 kudos each, sony will be looking at it

Saaking3722d ago

I think that's what sony's planning to do. That's the reason for those gray squares around each friend, they just haven't implemented it yet.

will113722d ago

This has been posted before.

randomwiz3722d ago

@above, yeah, i was thinking the same thing

but this is a video of the pictures.

MazzingerZ3722d ago

SONY has plans for the FL that's the reason they did what they did. Besides with the old FL if you had the wrong backgound you couldn't see anything in the FL, can't get why people didn't complain about that, actually I think that's the kind of feedback that made SONY change the FL.

All people complaining are typical users "before I used to do this" "I just to click there"...I'm used to the new look and size font now and don't remember anymore how the old one looked like.

All people posting ideas for a make over of a winning award UI like XMB are dreamers and wanna bes, if they were that good they would have designed the XMB.

SONY is not changing it, it's their standard UI, PSP and Bravia and Sony-Ericsson uses it as well, those people think SONY is only VG and they can go against their own corporate standard for the sake of some internet kids.

how many options haven't they added since the PS3 launched and the navigation user friendless have changed at all, that's a real UI.

vhero3722d ago

good idea but just think of how draining that would be on your net constantly updating peoples trophies in real time for that list. Not even 360 does that you have to select the profile to see achievements. See the 2 issues I can see Sony having with this (not me) is... 1) The cost I mean since they would make no money from this it would seriously make a massive impact on their servers constantly updating friends profiles in the background while not playing games. 2) If you have slow Internet your friends list will be "loading" for a few seconds rather than instantly like it is now and their would be an uproar.
Don't shoot me for bringing up these points I'm not saying this doesn't look awesome but this is Sony and since they are not making any money as it is from PSN you really think they are gonna spend even more million on it per month for this feature?

Noctis Aftermath3722d ago

Yes cause its not like the update could be a once a day type thing right? also i didn't even see any mention of it doing an auto-update for your friends trophy everytime someone earns something new.... meh.

ReservoirDog3163722d ago

Only thing I like is the see through boxes. Looks better than the gray boxes. But, I kinda already got used to the boxes. Everything else I feel would make it a bit too cluttered.

dannylilley3721d ago

Sony are definitely looking at it. Mike Kebby commented on the EU PS blog that he'd seen a few times already. Fingers crossed for it being properly noticed and acted upon.

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Saaking3722d ago

XMB is so much better than that xbox dashboard crap.

FlipMode3722d ago

And no lagg on XMB too.

LarVanian3722d ago

The XMB is very easy to navigate. Its also neat and tidy and moves smoothly.

11 360s and counting3721d ago

I like that design but it would probably slow it down some. Worth it? I don't know!

dorron3722d ago

It looks great. I wish Sony made those changes...

ChoiSong3722d ago

Send this to Sony! The current friends list is so UGLY!

NecrumSlavery3722d ago

xmb is simple to use. i hate navigating through ads just to open 5 pages to hit my buddy up with a message like the 360 does

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The story is too old to be commented.