Crackdown DLC Deleting Save Files recently got news that the new Crackdown downloadable content has given people problems with losing saved content.

Kotaku said this,

"The problem's arising from co-op games where the host has the Keys to the City cheat mode enabled, which is resetting some people's data. So long as you don't join a co-op game where the host has this mode enabled, you should be fine."

They were quick to note that its just happening to a "lucky few", as they put it.

Plus they mentioned a temporary way to avoid this problem.

For more info, click on the link.

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candystop4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

So that's what happened! I downloaded the content today and when I tried to play it my entire game was erased! Talk about annoying because I was finally going to beat it! Also I never joined any coop match and still lost my info by just going to single player campaign!

candystop4267d ago

yeah tell me about it! I tried the start and quit option they gave on teamxbox but it won't let me press quit after I start and then it takes twice as long to load! I just hope it doesn't effect my Halo3 beta!

xbox360migs4266d ago

Updated the game today and now I have lost all my abilities/orbs and now how have to start again. I am really annoyed

God of Gaming4267d ago

seriously.. who tested this DLC

PhinneousD4267d ago

just as long my orbs and upgrades still stays intact.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4267d ago

MS always seems to have serious problem w/ new stuff.
they are in NEED of some good testers.
Man, losing all you saved games would be annoying.

tehcellownu4267d ago

microsoft have to much problems..its sucks to be 360 owners

candystop4266d ago

You know it really does suck to loose all my info but I understand mistakes happen from time to time and since MS is going out of there way to give me the best dam experience ever on a console I forgive them! I have made too many friends on Live and had so many great experiences to where I know they are going to deliver and don't expect them to be perfect! You sound as if you don't have a 360 but my advice would be to get one because if your on any other platform your really just wasting your time this generation!

gta_cb4266d ago

i disagree!
i have an Xbox 360, dont belive me look at my profile at my gamertag. and i am extremely pleased with it, i have only lost 1 game save so far! and that was Saints Row, and it was ages ago!

there has been ALOT of bad articles on the Xbox 360 lately, and i have this to say. if you dont like them, dont buy them. no one is forcing you to, but dont try and say it sucks to be a Xbox 360 owner because it DOESNT. ALSO this game isnt that hard so you would prob enjoy looking for them all over again with mates online

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