Entropia Universe Exposé (Part II)

That Gaming Site writes: "The real world just isn't real enough anymore. Gone is our attachment to the earth, when human beings had to subsist on what we could create, sell or find. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution we have hurtled into a new age: an age powered by rapidly accelerating technological discovery; an age where many of the tasks that kept us tied to the heartbeat of the natural world have become redundant. In the 21st century we no longer build our own homes, hunt, grow crops or travel for days on end to reach markets to sell our goods. In this century we commute to work, live in comfortable apartments and enjoy a measure of free time unequalled by any society recorded in the pages of history."

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Elven63720d ago

This game seems to be up there with Eve Online in terms of hardcore dedication for a game and the potential real word influence it could have!

Ziriux3720d ago

Like Eve Online is big anyways.

Elven63720d ago

It's big enough to be what is basically a economy simulation.