OXM UK: Section 8 Review

OXM UK writes: "Apparently, in the US Military Section 8 refers to being kicked out for being mentally unfit for combat. This tepid FPS proposes a new definition: being kicked out for being too boring for combat.

Master Chief's energy shields pale in comparison to those seen in Section 8. Not only can they soak up sniper rifle shots to the head with ease, you have another layer of metallic armour underneath, and another layer of physical health beyond that.

It might sound handy, but your enemies have the same and take ages to kill. As you stand there pumping bullets into a bad guy, you can feel a little more of your life wasted as his energy bar slowly trickles down..."

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Saaking3713d ago

Not even bots themselves will give this pos a good score.

talltony3713d ago

I called flop after I played the demo on live and I was right! This game blows!

DonCorneo3712d ago

that's right, eurogaymer.

8/10 just because it was not coming to the ps3.

and they did not give MGS4 a 9, at least

Berserk13713d ago


GWAVE3713d ago

Anyone remember how many 360 supporters here on N4G said "Just wait for Section 8. Hahahah! We get Section 8 as an exclusive! It's gonna be awesome!"?

But apparently, the "Sony fanboys" are the only ones who hype up every exclusive, right?

Tinted Eyes3713d ago

Killzone 2 killer right Guys?

gaffyh3713d ago

I can't believe IGN gave this game such a high score, when every other website is giving it around 4, they are losing their credibility with me every second.

Blaze9293713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Actually no, I can't remember. Can you show me these supporters? Because to my knowledge, even 360 owners were not expecting anything from a game backed by Southpeak....again...Southpeak

3713d ago
raztad3713d ago (Edited 3712d ago )


IGN scores always on the high side. euroLamers is another story though. They scored almost every PS3 game so far with 7/10, and this crappy game got away with a 8/10. That's plainly wrong, any xbox owner (and eurogamer reader) may think Section 8 is actually an amazing game.

MicroSony4Life3712d ago

to have a discussion about the game and not bring up any thing Sony related on a an article that has nothing to do with Sony.

I have mix feeling about this game but think I will give it a rent.

gaffyh3712d ago

@raztad - OMG Eurogamer gave it an 8??!? WTF, that's like giving Haze an 8. If this doesn't show their MS bias, I don't know what does 0_o

SIdepocket3712d ago

I could only assume GWAVE is dropping another mindless troll comment, but luckily the bubble system works on this site and his drivel is hidden :)

TheIneffableBob3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Some games gives different impressions to different people. You can't expect people to give uniform opinions on everything. There was a beta (PC) and demo (360) for the game -- playing the game yourself is a more accurate gauge of whether or not the game will be worth your time than any review.

Also, Section 8 isn't Xbox 360 exclusive (it's also on the PC, which was the lead platform, and you can easily tell that's true by playing and comparing the two versions) so you can't say 'MS bias' or anything like that.

Multi-Console Owner3712d ago

When they first showed the CG trailer for this piece of garbage, delusional 360 fanboys on here were saying the final game's graphics would look just like the CG trailer. I guess they were jealous that KZ2 actually did look as good as it's CG trailer and in some parts even better.

gaffyh3712d ago

@1.9 - True, but you'd be surprised at the amount of fanboys that contest that an Xbox 360/PC game is exclusive.


well i don't remember 360 fanboys hyping this game... ok there may have been one or two, but its not like there were loads and loads of 360 fanboys were in mass shouting about this game like ps3 fans were throwing the "killzoned " when it was due out.

I like my 360 shooters, i tried the demo and deleted it after about 3 min. so did most of my friends. I said it as soon as i played it. The game is trash ! complete waste of time, money etc.. i don't know how the devs got away with selling this idea to a publisher.

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The Tour Man3713d ago

The 360 now got their own Haze.

dustgavin3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Just wait. I can hear the 360 fans stampeding towards this article to justify why this game deserves at least an '8.5'.

Speaking of is Soda!

DelbertGrady3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Looks like the trolls got here first.

Section 8 seems to be getting reviews ranging from good to bad. From my experience with the demo I would lean towards the lower scores.

R2D23713d ago

Cause 90% of your comments are on 360 articles.

What's wrong Killzone 2 and Infamous not fun any more.

DelbertGrady3712d ago troll the article calling out fanboys and call me a troll when I'm not trolling...

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