The Merchants of Venice: Assassin's Creed 2 and Venetica - 2 Tales of 1 City


"Venice is artistic, magical and romantic- but equally it shows decay and ruin. It's no wonder Ubisoft Montreal and Deck 13 have chosen it as their destination for tales of assassination and murder...

I'm sure there will be quite a few gamers who are inspired to envelop themselves in the unique atmosphere of the slowly sinking city after playing one of the two soon to be released games located there: Assassin's Creed 2 and Venetica."

Includes previews and videos.

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gaminoz3714d ago

Venetica actually looks pretty decent. Two games using Renaissance Venice as inspiration and both out soon!

Both for me!

Chris3993714d ago

I'll pick it up over AC 2, that's for sure. No offence to the people at Ubi, but the first one was only slightly better than average and I'm sure that I can pick up Assassin's Creed 2 next year once it hits the $30 sweet spot.

Too many releases this year to simply purchase every game that takes my fancy.

allegionary3714d ago

@ Chris339

Isn't that the truth every end of year? Way too many games to buy!!

Venetica looks really good but yeah may be overshadowed despite coming up with Venice first (at least publically)!

I'll try to get both, but there are so many good games. I'm personally glad they delayed a lot for next year.

cornfedgamer3714d ago

I agree. I'm glad some of these AAA titles got delayed until next year. It shows that the developers are taking the extra time to polish the game.

darkmurder3714d ago

This game keeps looking better and better

gaminoz3714d ago

I bet you meant AC2...but did you check out Venetica? Fable meets AC! lol.

XboxOZ3603714d ago

It's a bugger when SO MANY great games are released around this time of the year. I can understand why publishers do it this way, but it sure as heck annoys the livin' daylights out of me anyway.

Both games look great in their own unique way.

cornfedgamer3714d ago

I would think more publishers would take advantage of lull moments in the spring and summer to get more press coverage and hype. Not to mention to take advantage of the money burning holes in our pocket then.

cornfedgamer3714d ago

I also went to Venice in high school and had a similar impression. Venice is a marvel of architecture and I'm excited whenever I see it depicted in a video game.

allegionary3714d ago

Can you imagine missing out on Pink Floyd by one day? Poor guy!

Still he got to see Venice...that's more than I have so far. I guess I'll have to pretend when I'm playing those games (though the locals will all be trying to kill me!)

cornfedgamer3713d ago

For Sure. Missing a Pink Floyd concert in Venice by ONE DAY would be heartbreaking. Even more so than when I missed the Reggae River Boat cruise by one day for four years in a row.

allegionary3714d ago

Is it true Venetica isn't coming out on PS3?

I know we will have the usual PS3 vs. 360 screen and vid comparisons for Assassins C2, and the PS3 version will link to the PSP game with extra weapons etc., but I think only the 360 and PC get Venetica?

gaminoz3714d ago

Yes it's true: 360 and PC only. Shame for the PS3 folk, as it looks good.

cornfedgamer3714d ago

I hadn't even heard of this Venetica game until now.

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