360Junkies: PAX Hands-On: Left 4 Dead 2

360Junkies writes: "One of the first games I got my hands on at PAX this year was Left 4 Dead 2. As a fan of the first game, even with it's shortcomings, I'm very excited for the sequel. I know a lot of you want nothing to do with it for one reason or another & that's just fine. I'm not going to try to change your mind. What I do want to do is discuss some of the new things coming to the game & how much I enjoyed my play through one of the levels while I was up in Seattle last weekend.

First thing you should know: Valve isn't tying to reinvent the wheel here. If you've played the first game, then you know what to expect here. For those who didn't basically you must guide a one of four of survivors to safety from the zombie apocalypse. Left 4 Dead 2 takes everything from the first game & makes it bigger. More weapons, more special infected, better visuals, more paths to get from point A to point B, etc… Most of the naysayers out there have said that this isn't enough to warrant a sequel. I disagree as the sports games (Madden, NHL, etc…) have been doing it for years..."

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Blacktric3714d ago

What the hell is that monster at the thumbnail? It looks awesome.

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