Global Illumination in CryEngine 2: Screens with impressive light effects

Some amazing CryEngine 2 screens with Global Illumination light effects.

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Nihilism3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

it is indeed, but screenshots do no justice to this type of technology, let is bask in the digital light of a demonstration video instead


really?, I hate motion blur, it's massively exaggerated, i turn it off in crysis, they say at low frames per second it helps to improve the smoothness but i just think it's a performance hit and a distraction.

Pandamobile3719d ago

Yeah. Crysis looks way better in motion than in stills. (maybe it's the crazy object based motion blur. I love that stuff)

Kakkoii3719d ago

Yeah, I've never understood the concept of putting motion blur in a game. It's like the dev's never thought about how motion blur works in real life...

Motion blur happens to us whether were snowboarding, or playing a video game. If something on your screen moves fast, it's going to be blurry to your eyes.. That's motion blur. You don't need to emulate it in the game, it already happens lol.

Christopher_Walken3719d ago

Great lookin' stuff right there.

One thing wrong with it though.

Needs more cowbell.

BattleAxe3719d ago

I wish Crytek would get some games to market for consoles, I'm tired of these screenshots of what Cryengine 2 and 3 can do.

Nihilism3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

crysis 2 coming to console's in 2010......happy now.

Kakkoii3719d ago

Upgrade your computer for under $500 and play CryEngine 2 games if you want to so badly!

BattleAxe3719d ago

Wouldn't waste my time, besides I like playing with people who have skill, not like certains gamers that think that "pointing and clicking " with a mouse takes skill lmao.

Kakkoii3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Wow that was ignorant. Firstly, your going to find people with a lot more skill on the PC. There's generally a lot more dedicated hardcore gamers than on consoles. And less whiny little kids, and idiots who just want to curse at you because they suck.

And yeah, it's easier to use a mouse to aim and a joystick. But that doesn't make it less of a challenge. Because everyone has the same advantage. It allows you too enjoy the game more because your not fiddling around with your joystick. The mouse becomes a part of you.

Skill isn't about how well you move a joystick, but how well you actually aim and react to things.

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champ213719d ago

i wonder how the 3yr old pcs from sony and micro will play the game once its out :P

mrv3213719d ago

This is so stupid Cryengine 1 wasn't even out of date, I think it's just like world record holders just beating their record just to say

'I'm better than everyone.'

Focus on gameplay with the CryEngine 1 we all know how beautiful Crysis was and still is.

dirthurts3719d ago

to disagree. It looks great, but it is outdated in one place. Optimization! It's horrible on that front. If they do a better job of optimizing the engine we'll all get better fps. Judging from the fact that it can run on consoles says they've fixed it. We'll see.

Pandamobile3719d ago

CryEngine 1 was made for FarCry in 2004.

And the gameplay in CryEngine 2 was absolutely awesome, what the hell are you talking about?

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The story is too old to be commented.