PlayStation 3 - Physics Effects SDK

At CEDEC 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment exhibited the Physics Effects SDK. The Physics Effects SDK is a physics simulation engine optimized for the Cell Broadband Engine, which is provided as part of the PlayStation 3 SDK. Because the Physics Effects SDK is optimized for PlayStation 3, it can do physics simulations very fast, even though they are considered to impose a very high computing load. This could expand developers' scope to include even more complex physical phenomena and mechanisms in games.

Christopher_Walken5135d ago

I would love to see a developer take this physics engine to the limit.

RememberThe3575135d ago

Yeah someone need to show this off in a game so we can see how it would really impact the gameplay or immersion. I guess Sony was just using the HAVOK engine as an interim for this.

phosphor1125135d ago

It's just the library they have compiled. It is actually programmed specifically for the Cell now. Allowing heavier loads, but the actual calculations, they have already been used before. I would have like to seen the water physics and soft body physics though, which they didn't show case (nor any other consoles has, of yet). Anyway, all the stuff in the videos have been done in Force Unleashed. I can't wait to see what new stuff they can do.

Microsoft Xbox 3605135d ago (Edited 5134d ago )

If you played LBP and attempted to create a complex level or object, you'd know that the PS3 is a physics computing beast! You can literally stack thousands of blocks in mid air and every single time will it act naturally when it falls. Rewind and change a single bit of block and the entire outcome changes by that one single piece very realistically.

Speaking of LBP, I can't wait for the online coop build mode.

Sarcasm5134d ago

"It only does...

Except make Aaron Greenberg a decent person.

D4RkNIKON5134d ago

LBP only does EVERYTHING lol. This really reminds me of the physics in LBP. Sony is made of win right now.

Gregmonk5134d ago

Another example as to why the playstation brand has, and always will be leader, the of the pact.

siyrobbo5134d ago

source engine did this years ago

Ocelot5255134d ago


WTF you don't understand?!

1. it's a physics library rewritten for the cell, so physics calculations are less demanding for the CPU. We know such physics libraries already exists but they were not optimized for the cell. now developers have access to physics effects that are less demanding for the PS3.
and btw: I've never seen rope effects in the source games

evrfighter5134d ago

this is last-gen pc gaming...

The XBOT5134d ago

You said it does everything. I havent seen it around here anywhere, but since you declared it, it seems that it is mmy right to specualte that the ps3 has done your mom, dad, and all parts of ur family, fatso :)

rockleex5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

Last gen PC gaming already had physics libraries that were re-written for the Cell even before the PS3's development?

Interesting. I need to start using last gen time machines so I can rewrite physics libraries for the PS4 before it's even in development.

*RockLeeX leaves to use that last gen time machine*
*RockLeeX returns with knowledge from the future*

With my knowledge from the future, I know evrfighter will eventually reply to our comments towards him with his usual, "You guys are putting words in my mouth" or "I don't own a 360, only a PC"

But I wouldn't really trust that last gen time machine. <_<

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Saaking5135d ago

PS3 for Best console this gen.

Game13a13y5134d ago

PS3 is simply awesome. with the price point of $299, its sure set on a destruction course like a steam engine.

5134d ago
shadow27975134d ago

fanboy? check. ;-).

They're both great consoles. Just because you can make a list of strengths doesn't mean someone else can't make any equally long list for the PS3.

Enjoy both. And if you can't do that, then enjoy your console. You don't need to do Microsoft's marketing for them. The same goes to those who slam the 360.

WengYong5134d ago (Edited 5134d ago )

largest library of games, ps2 (check)
largest number of games above 70 ps2 (check)
best live exprience, should be online. pc pwns live(check)
cheapest sku with the arcade to start gaming. ps2 still cheaper (check)
best Motion controls, natals not even released (check)
very good number of exclusives, so does the ps3 (check)
Best version of the multiplayer games pc (check)

360 is awesome, but your trolling is pathetic.

edit: @ above agreed, well said

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Saaking5135d ago

PS3, the greatest console this generation, delivering exclusives, many features, and great customer satisfaction.

Gabe EatsWell5135d ago

360, the worst console this generation, delivering multiplats, very few features and poor customer satisfaction.

DevastationEve5135d ago

It's programmed on the CellBE, since RSX isn't capable. Somebody needs a Xenos...must be very awkward to be caught with an underpowered graphics solution.

Pandamobile5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

Yeah, the PS3 could have benefited hugely had it waited a couple months. Nvidia probably would have had the G80 GPU ready by then and the PS3 would look a lot better than it does today. The difference between the Geforce 7xxx series (PS3) and the 8xxx series (PC, around the same time as the PS3) is enormous.

Darkeyes5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

OH Panda... Lol Panda..

BTW I didn't say anything about Crysis.... LMAO.

And Apocaly... Talk this Bullsh!t when 360 gets a game even half as decent looking as Uncharted 2...

Pandamobile5135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

"OH Panda... Lol Panda.. "

What's that supposed to mean.

Darkeyes5135d ago

Nothing Panda... Just reminds me off all the past "Crysis is the best" posts from you......

I have a gut feeling that even this argument was made by you keeping Crysis in mind... Thats all..

BTW I agree Crysis is great looking...

Pandamobile5135d ago

Why are you bringing Crysis into this?

Darkeyes5134d ago

Well... For one, it's the only game that is not possible on the current console (these are your words)... And is probably the only game that require those specs you posted.... Cause frankly, Uncharted 2 looks better than most games (should I dare say, it only second to Crysis)....

Frankly, PS3 doesn't need those specs you posted... I am happy with the way it is... Waiting 6 months more is what I wouldn't want.... I can put up with not having a Crysis kind game on the PS3... KZ2 looks great as well and suffices my needs....

Edit:Besides, there is a Crysis post so Njoy... Oh already the first post nice....