GameSpot: Today On The Spot 9/12/09

GameSpot: Today On The Spot 9/12/09

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Saaking4886d ago

Not really interested in Katamari forever.

mirroredderorrim4886d ago

I disagree. I am very interested in this. I played the demo for a nice bit today.

The game play has taken a turn for CHANGE w00t. You can jump now and there are other alternatives to just "rolling everything up" which is nice.

I want online co-op/offline co-op (have no bothered to read about the games features) However, just by the demo alone, I plan to purchase this enjoyable game.
Plus, I have the other games, Beautiful Katamari aside.

"Katamari Forever does not include online multiplayer as in Beautiful Katamari but instead features offline multiplayer and online leaderboards."

...Fcking fail.
I thought I'd get to play with strangers, online, or people from my PS friends list...I guess. I could not care less about leaderboards w/o multi.