Kotaku Approval Ratings: Taking it Online

After a week off for Labor Day, Kotaku's Approval Ratings are back again to measure your attitudes and preferences regarding online play and downloadable games.

No doubt many of these responses will break down along our earlier platform preference results. Remember, the point of answering a survey isn't to declare a winner, but to know an answer. In this case, an answer in the minority might still get a sizable enough percentage to be intriguing or revealing.

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donator4888d ago

Damn, after reading the headline, I got excited and thought we were going to vote on whether or not we think Kotaku was a reputable site.

Zeevious4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

...We already have.
Their reach dropped almost 50% from a year ago...and never went back up.

In my opinion, Kotaku is a worthless site...but don't take my word for it...Here's a comment that absolutely agrees with me, so it must be right.
(It's me, saying Kotaku is a worthless site)

Saaking4888d ago

Kotaku sucks. Bunch of bots.