360 Elite Reduced To $299, Analysts Weigh In

"Whilst the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are now equals at the $299 price point, technologically the Xbox 360 is not at the same level as its Sony competitor," EEDAR explains. "This puts the Xbox 360 in a tough position where it is outmatched in terms of hardware capabilities at $299 and the Wii remains alluring to casual and price sensitive consumers at $249. Over the next year Microsoft will most likely reposition the Xbox 360 Elite closer to the $249 price point to both pressure Sony and attract potential Wii consumers."

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ThatCanadianGuy3719d ago

"technologically the Xbox 360 is not at the same level as its Sony competitor,"

"This puts the Xbox 360 in a tough position where it is outmatched in terms of hardware capabilities at $299"

Embrace the truth bots.It shall set you free!

ZBlacktt3719d ago

Just the reliability alone is a huge set back for that system. No Wi-Fi either? I won't touch the AAA games or format drive, lol.

kagon013719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

They have a lot of knowledge for their age, seriously...

gambare3719d ago

Analyst saying the PS3 is superior to the 360 now? *yawn* bots needs to get used to this, wake me up when they accept their heather is in decline.

Saaking3719d ago

360 is a last gen hardware.

Zool 083719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Vid made me LOL bubbles mate.
"Search your feelings bots you know this to be true"

kevinx10003719d ago

hey saaking off-topic but why have you played 144 online halo matches if you hate the game so much? i now see why you hate it so much. you only won 10 games out of the 144 you played. i see you even went through all effort of getting all the skulls... but why? you hate the game, you hate the console. why would you want that armor/achievent when you won't even get the ohers.

but really, that's one funny service record you got there.

The Killer3719d ago

that was so cool, made me laught


Kill Crow3719d ago

using your logic then, PS3 is also last gen becuase it plays multi plat games even worse than XBOX 90% of the time ...

Only next gen thing about it is blue ray which, xbox can do with 1080p downloads.


El Botto3719d ago

Let us not kid ourselves. A very large part of the franchise we have all come to love from our childhood are PS3 exclusive games.

MASSIVE advantage to PS3.

No matter how you look at things, PS3 has the advantage.

The XBOT3719d ago

largest library of games (check)
largest number of games above 70 (check)
best live exprience (check)
cheapest sku with the arcade to start gaming (check)
best Motion controls (check)
very good number of exclusives (check)
Best versio of the multiplayer games (check)

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KionicWarlord2223719d ago

Yup...competition is getting fierce now .

ZBlacktt3719d ago


no Wi-Fi

no Blu-ray

no free online

Awh, here take a look at this list and see just how much cheaper the PS3 slim is over all the Xbox's. No hate, just a side by side.

El_Colombiano3719d ago

Oh, its Microsoft with their "Mii-too" style of business!

Anyway nothing will stop the PS3 and Sony when it comes to momentum.

Vicodin3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

There definitely is something terribly wrong with Microsoft's hardware efforts.

The 360 has been in production a year longer than the PS3. It should be much farther along in cost reduction.

It has cheaper components. No expensive RAM like the PS3 has for example.

No WiFi.

No slot loading drive.

No BluRay drive.

No Bluetooth.

No internal power supply.

Cheap and ineffective cooling system.

No HDMI 1.3

On top of all that Microsoft has hundreds of millions of dollars in online fees subsidizing the price of the 360.

It is really mind boggling on three levels:

1. Even if Microsoft had a system of the same capabilities as the PS3, it should still be 50-100 dollars cheaper just for the fact that its been out longer and had time to shrink the components and streamline the manufacturing process.

2. On top of that is the huge amount of extra features at the same price that Sony is able to put in the PS3 compared to Microsoft and the 360 for the same price even if the systems had been in production just as long

3. The 50 dollar a year online fees act as an effective loan from Microsoft on the price of the console. Meaning they should be effectively giving the console away for free because people are paying 200-250 dollars over the 4-5 years of owning the 360.

josuttis3719d ago

There was some silly belief that somehow Microsoft would be able to compete with Sony on the hardware front after doing so poorly last gen. And that somehow that they would be able to shop around to various suppliers and manufacturers to keep up with Sony's insane internal hardware design and manufacturing capabilities.

For some reason many people are only realizing just how inane that idea was now that the PS3 has reached 299. It was obvious before, but I guess the 299 vs 299 makes it so glaringly obvious that it has knocked some sense into people who were still believing that the PS3 would always be more expensive to manufacture and have a higher retail price.

Saaking3719d ago

There's no competition. PS3 is going to win, the 360 just can't compete with what the PS3 offers imo.

G3TDOWN3719d ago

Still too much !

Xbox 360 is not in the same level as the PS3 is

249.99 could save it better

testerg353719d ago

Vicodin, why would MS need to keep lowering their price when they were outselling the PS3? Now the Sony lowered the PS3's price, MS will need to react.

SpaZaA3719d ago

I really think 149$ is the sweet spot, just 50$ more than a PS2.
Well, 100$ If you count your Live subscription.

It just sounds good for a budget console.

HolyOrangeCows3719d ago

In less than 3 years, the PS3 has sold 75% of what the Xbox took 4 years to sell. And the PS3 is loaded with more features than the 360.

When it comes to software sales, however, THAT is where the competition needs to stiffen. And now that the PS is $300 (Great for a game system, a bit much for a Blu-ray player), those numbers will likely begin to even out closer as those early Blu-ray fanatics of 2006 get drowned out by real playstation gamers.

DixieNormS3719d ago

Which are making me lmao. The Ps3 has sold as much consoles in 3 years as the 360 has in its first 3 years. Which also tells me that even with less features the 360 is neck to neck with the competition. It also tells me that MS knows what they as doing, and even though it involves ripping off the consumer, they are still making money which is why they went into the business in the first place. I have both consoles (love them both) and my 360 has died on me 3 times now. But I still give it more love Just because I believe LIve is up my alley more than the PSN.

Anyways. All of us here know exactly what comes in what box. But at the end of the day, Its the average Joe who decides what he wants to get. And if they don't care about blu-ray or even know what wifi is then the chance of them picking up a 360 is fifty fifty.

SpaZaA3719d ago're making me LOL, because apparently you didn't understand the numbers.

gamesR4fun3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"The 360 has an uphill battle ahead. With the 360 and PS3 at the same asking price, its hard to deny the out-of-the-box advantages Sony's console has. Free online play, blu-ray capabilities, and a lower console failure rate are all positives the PS3 has going for it over the 360"

@300 dollars who's gonna get a 360 over a ps3? I mean all the Halo fans already got one. And with natal still a distant twinkle why would a casual gamer buy the elite over the ps3 or wii?

Sarcasm3719d ago

Hardware specs and value, the PS3 beats out the 360.

The only reason to get a 360 is for the games.

Microsoft Xbox 3603719d ago

Like I said in the other thread, as far as the mass consumers are aware, the PS3 is the best bang for the buck.

iceman063719d ago

The MAJOR problem is getting the message of exactly what the PS3 is capable of to the consumer and past all of the Xbox 360 mindshare. Although the PS3 has gained some the average soccer mom...Xbox is probably synonymous with "game system" at this point. I suspect that as the consumer awareness grows amongst THOSE individuals that the PS3 WILL be SEEN as the valuable machine that it truly is. Even retailers are starting to change their "Xbox 360 is the best value" sales pitch. I've been to Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Target and heard the tide slowly turning. (most of these stores employing the the 16-30 y/o demographic that are supposed to be the "experts" at knowing this) That being said. MS is a marketing juggernaut. That is how they were able to capitalize on the year head start and continue momentum with a somewhat flawed system. (no bias, just the facts)I think that the battle is more uphill for SONY to overcome that mindshare issue and continued for MS to maintain it. As for the Wii. Never doubt the power of the Nintendo Brand for anything. They have managed to sell "inferior" hardware for YEARS like nobodies business and will probably continue the trend in this gen.

DixieNormS3719d ago

He said 75% sold in 3 years of what MS has sold in 4 years. So in 4 years MS sold 20 consoles. 75% of that is 15 wich makes it 5 consoles a year. So they are both at 15 consoles in 3 years. But its ok I don't understand #s.

Sarcasm3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"Xbox is probably synonymous with "game system" at this point"

It's because they do things Sony won't do. Like put the 360 in all the movies and mainstream TV.

Everytime someone is playing a game, it's always with a 360 controller. The last one was 17 again and they even mention "Halo"

Even Homer Simpson with the Halo Episode.

So I agree, MS's best tactic is their advertisements. It's subliminal and in your face. AND IT WORKS! Just look at the hordes of PS3 haters we have on N4G who really believes Blu-Ray isn't needed, Wi-Fi should be an option, $50 a year is worth it for cross-game chat, and RROD is a myth, all because Microsoft says so.

lowcarb3719d ago

"PS3 haters we have on N4G who really believes Blu-Ray isn't needed, Wi-Fi should be an option, $50 a year is worth it for cross-game chat, and RROD is a myth, all because Microsoft says so."

But blu ray isn't needed, Wi-fi is an option, 50 dollars a year isnt much but still could be cheaper, and rrod was never a myth or denied.

Prototype3719d ago

The only weapon I see microsoft using anymore is advertising, and yes it can make a big difference in what someone will buy; now that sony is s make a tarting to advertise I wonder what microsofts next weapon is.....

ChickeyCantor3719d ago

"no free online "
Unless you consider XlinkKai =P

waltercross3719d ago

Blu-Ray is to needed, Developers are long already maxing DVD and
FF13 Will be on 3 or 4 DVD's on the 360 version according to SE.
So I Hope your just being sarcastic, Blu-Ray is to Needed.

MS Needs to put one in the 360.

lowcarb3719d ago

Next gen I see them adding more space without a choice really. Right now there are not to many games that require more than one disc which is fine by me. I have no problem popping in discs but will admit only one would be nice.

moparful993719d ago

Even though you try to downplay the importance of blu-ray the fact of the matter is that blu-ray is to this gen as dvd was to last gen and cd the gen before that.. I dont understand why it is so hard for you give sony their just dues..

waltercross3718d ago

So then Blu-Ray is needed according to you and many
other people, and I Totally agree.

1 Disc IS Better then 2+, I Can't Imagine anybody
prefering 2+ discs over 1.

Also with so much more space on Blu-Ray I Guess that also
means Less compression, even the option Later to add a
Movie with the games or anything else!, Directors cut,
Special Addition stuff, etc.

Oh Yeah, MS Needs to put Blu-Ray in the XBOX, I'm sure
there sales will go up because of that alone.

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N4GAddict3719d ago

Microsoft needs to drop the elite to $249.99 once the Pro is gone or they could end up behind the ps3 this holiday season.

Death3719d ago

The PS3 has already dropped $300 in less than 3 years. I suppose they could give it away, but that probably won't help them become profitable. I like your thinking though.


Game13a13y3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

simple, with $299 as the price point, people will definitey get the PS3 slim instead. so that leaves them in competition with the Wii, however, if Nintendo also decided to have a price cut before Christmas, then things will only go downhill for the 360. i'm not surprised to see the 360 slipped into last place in this holiday sales.

waltercross3719d ago

I've said this before, though many won't believe me but here
I Go again.

Before this Generation is over, The PS3 Will have actually surpassed
both the 360 and the Wii, Because the PS3 Will be around allot longer just like the PS2, save this comment for later reference. :)

Death3719d ago

Holiday sales haven't even started. You are assuming Xbox 360 will be in last place. Maybe we should wait until the holidays are over before we declare a winner.


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JonnyBigBoss3719d ago

There's no doubt that the PlayStation 3 beholds a lot more bang for your buck. However, consumers will speak with their wallets. Let's watch and see how this goes...

DevastationEve3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I need to know something.

What was PlayStation known for? Games. So...why do I need it to do other things too?

As a console they both match each other, let's stop with the bullsh*t that PS3 is more for the money. Games are $60 on both consoles, a new controller costs more for PS3 gamers, Xbox 360 gamers have to buy a battery. PS3 doesn't come with HDMI, while the Elite used to and now doesn't either. So they're even as far as gaming is concerned.

Let me ask you something else. When you get the calls from the guys saying "Why buy this when you can buy our product that does EVERYTHING", how do you answer? Most of the time we'll all say "I don't need that other stuff"! And that's the truth! I don't buy something that I don't intend to use.

Fanboyism DOESN'T succeed if you can't MAKE me buy something!

aldesko3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

He didn't say "you get more bang for your buck only when it comes to gaming"... you made that distinction.

And just because you don't want to use the blu-ray drive doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Technically, his statement is correct... you do get more from the PS3 than the 360 for the price. The fact that you're trying (so desperately) to twist it set off my fanboy detector... checking comments... yep, fanboy confirmed.

EDIT: And since I don't use x-game chat on my 360 I guess it magically doesn't exist, either! The 360 is a gaming console, not a telephone! Plus, blu-ray actually does effect gaming, so your point is moot. If Sony shipped the PS4 with a cd-rom drive, you don't think that would effect the system in a negative way? Plus, isn't the Elite missing a wi-fi adapter? Oh, wait, let me guess... you don't use a wi-fi adapter because you're 'hardcore', so by your logic nobody needs it. You buy a 360 for games, not internet capabilities.

BWS19823719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

is forgetting most of the "bang for your buck" that the PS3 has ALWAYS had includes game related values, such as free wi-fi, free online, included ability for rechargeable controllers, and non-proprietary CHEAPER hard drive options that aid in function/storage/room for games and downloads. Even if you find someone off the street who has no intention of EVER watching a movie for the rest of their lives, and gives 2 sh*ts about blu-ray or movies, the "gaming values" are still within, so stop the FUD.

gamesR4fun3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


kk no ones holdin a gun to yur head or notin man its jus ng4...
guessin you already have a 360 tho so why so defensive?

That sexy black little beast been givin u the wink? Its ok you know we've all been biten by that black widowmaker. Once you step into the web you'll never want to come out i promise. Just psn after you get Warhawk n ill show u how to fly k. Or if u wanna skip the best of the ol school we can jump into som uncharted2 or kz2 if yur a diehard fps guy.

DaTruth3719d ago

So I guess putting a camera, web browser, games, email and whole lot of other crap in a cellphone, won't sell cellphones either.... Oh, but wait!

Can't even sell a cellphone that is just a cellphone anymore!

DaTruth3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

wrong spot

zeeshan3719d ago

Uncharted is not FPS :)

waltercross3719d ago

Actually your right, PS is known for gaming, not
movies or anything else.

People forget that PS Games use Blu-Ray format, not just
for movies, a Blu-Ray disc can hold allot more space then
DVD, therefor the Blu-Ray drive is still being used for
Games, but not just Games.

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