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Immersion [i-mur-zhuh n, -shuh n] - Noun.
- a state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption.

Applied to video games, the concept of immersion is difficult to intentionally create. It's certainly easy enough to understand, but much harder to produce in a convincing way. It's integral to creating an excellent experience, though-every player can relate to feeling completely consumed by a fantastic game, so as a result, nearly every game tries to achieve it. Demon's Souls, produced by From Software and published by Atlus, has immersion in spades. It drips with it. Overflows with it. It takes the player and completely envelops them in its world.

Forget everything you may have heard about the game being incredibly difficult or unforgiving. Categorizing Demon's Souls with such a narrow view and leaving it at that does the title an incredible injustice. What it actually does is submerge players deeply in its world and asks them to understand its reality. Every aspect of its identity is tied to a clear central vision. By crafting an absolutely logical, holistic world and going to great lengths to make it cohere in every way, the result is an experience unlike any other.

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ThatCanadianGuy5133d ago

Incredible game! I imported it months ago.Loved every damn second of it.
There was a few really freakin weird parts in it tho.Things that, till this day, i don't understand.

Like walking through a portal as my character, than, being sent into another players game while wearing some weird tornado-ish type of helmet on.

And *I* was supposed to be his final boss fight.Poor guy never stood a chance against my spear & shield combo :(

ZOMBIEMAN15133d ago

oh yeah i bet if ihad the game and you were the stage's end boss i'd beat you with magic and a sword but i am amazed that a player could be a boss in the game that's a pretty original concept

morganfell5133d ago

Same here 420. I bought the Asian import - good English VO work, but put it on ebay and will pick up the actual US Collector's version.

Drop in help is really useful in some areas.

patterson5133d ago

That's cool how you were some other player's boss battle. I never heard of such a thing.

This game used to be a blip on my radar but it's looking more like I'm going to be picking this one up.

gambare5133d ago

Another AAA game for the PS3? *yawn* I guess this will be a trend starting this year.

hesido5133d ago

How does the game tell you are his final boss fight? If you wanted to, could you help him fight other creatures instead? Or was it a task given to you to try and kill him in that instance?

(The article says you can leave trace asking for help from other players but malicious players may try to assasinate you, what I mean is how did you know you were his boss fight?)

ThatCanadianGuy5133d ago

Honestly, i have no idea if i was his boss fight.I really have no idea what happened.

I went through the "Foggy door" which is common just before you fight a boss.And next thing i know This happened to me.

I just waited there for 5-10 minutes and some random guy eventually came through.I assume i was his boss fight.Since he had to go through the fog.I'm really not sure wtf happened.Maybe Morganfell know's more about it.

I only beat the game once and went right back to Killzone 2..

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TheColbertinator5133d ago

Usually Gamecritics crushes games on the reviews.They gave the Mass Effect DLC a 0/10

ZOMBIEMAN15133d ago

Demon's Souls seems to be a major hit i thought it would get 6's and 7 but this looks like this years Valkyria Chronicles a major hit with critics

DonCorneo5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

only on ps3.

nice review, too. it gave me a new perspective on how to play this game. now, if every review can look at demon's souls this way, then we have the best rated rpg this gen. i doubt that, of course. xbot reviewers liek edge and gayspot will just complain how mercilessly difficult the game is. eurogaymer would have if they knew that the game out be released outside japan.

SupaPlaya5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

nice score for an RPG. This game doesn't have jaw dropping graphics, the gameplay must be ACE. Definitely need to play it...

This review is very well written. It also has suggestion to parents that this game is not for little kids. Very informative read.

raztad5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

If interested I suggest you to preorder. Atlus is known for allocating low stocks.

Demons Souls is getting some incredible reviews. I'm really anxious to try this overlooked gem.

You're welcomed.

Almost every game I've bought so far falls in that price range too. I'm a cheap bastard. I'm paying full price for DS though, it seems game is worth every pennie and more.

SupaPlaya5133d ago

this may just be the game I pay full price for (so far every game I own is between 20-40 bucks as I don't mind waiting a bit to play them)

Armyless5133d ago

I wanted this game bad enough... a well-written review like this makes my impending addiction intolerable.

Rock Bottom5133d ago

Loves your avatar SupaPlaya. :D

FlatulentGhost5133d ago

This game really is incredible.

It is from the same company, From Software, who made the awesome King's Field games back in the PS1 days:


Hopefully they will show up on PSN so more people can check them out.

Armyless5133d ago

as weird as King's Field was back in the PS1 days, that game impressed me for years. Such a moody RPG that haunted me for a long time. Hard to explain, but I'm really glad I'm not the only one who experienced that.

If this game captures, and transforms that same level of mystifying immersion to the next generation, I will be a happy gamer indeed!

Saaking5133d ago

Great review. I've heard great things about this game, first day buy.

FlatulentGhost5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )


I'm not if any other RPG has filled me with those feelings like the King's Field games.

Not saying they were the best or better than other RPGs. They were kind of slow and I can see how they wouldn't appeal to everyone. But I can still remember sitting in front of my Playstation and the dreamlike feeling of wandering through the King's Field games.

I'm really glad that DS is getting the reviews it deserves. I was really expecting a lot of 'wrong type of person to be doing the review' reviews where they played a couple hours, got frustrated, and slapped a 7/10 on the game.

Sarcasm5133d ago (Edited 5133d ago )

From Software, are these the same guys who made Ninja Blade?

The first time I saw Demon Soul's at last year's TGS, it looked Meh.

Now all of a sudden, it's getting 9s+ across the board.

After reading this review, It looks like I'm definitely going to buy this. Cant wait!!!

SaiyanFury5133d ago

These are the guys that made the amasing King's Field games. Demon's Souls is the single most fulfilling role playing game this gen. You WILL die. And you need to figure out how not to die in order to progress. I'm a longtime fan of RPGs, but only Demon's Souls is the only game so far that I love completely.

Cyrax_875133d ago

..so why aren't they being added to metacritic? watch when the 7s roll in though, they'll be straight up.

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