OXCGN Forza 3 Update 12th September – Goes Gold with Veyron


"Yet another first for Forza 3, the world renowned superstar supercar, The Bugatti Veyron appears in Forza 3.

While the car has never appeared in any computer game in the past, you'll have the chance to not only drive the 1000 bhp beast, but paint, make wheel changes and other personalizations one of the worlds most famous supercars."

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gaminoz3714d ago

The mountains around Barcelona are gorgeous...I'd like to see what it looks like in-game!

Shepherd 2143713d ago

the Bat-Signal is out and the fanboys already destroyed the Halo articles. They'll be here soon enough. This game looks gorgeous, ive been playing Forza 2 a lot lately to get me ready for this one.

KionicWarlord2223713d ago

*lands on ground*

" You called....commissioner gordon ? "

killedinaction93713d ago

check this out :)
absolutely gorgeous

a lot of sites encode there stuff pretty badly but i cant see anything wrong with this one.

The_Darkest_Red3712d ago

Read Shepherd's post history and tell me if the irony strikes you at all.

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darkmurder3714d ago

Awesome car, be great to customise and tune it out!

XboxOZ3603714d ago

Well that's one thing you can do in the game that you simply couldn't - or wouldn't do in real life. Bugatti have strict guidelines as to what their owners can and can not do to such $US1,000,000+ vehicles.

Not that you'd want to mind, as the car is 'perfect' right off the one car production line.

Who'd want to play with perfection and the screw it up, not me. especially with 1000bhp at the tap of your right foot. You need to view the vid to appreciate the detail to real life Turn 10 have placed not only in this car, but all 400 rides in Forza 3

DelbertGrady3714d ago

I just want it's engine...In a Datsun 510...

LiL T3714d ago

Hell ya, the 510 is a great car and you would melt the rubber and rims with that quad turbo beast. Keeping it VW I would like to see it in a Rabbit or Scirocco.

KionicWarlord2223714d ago

Bugatti Veyron...

Still surpried that cars in forza 3 .

XboxOZ3603714d ago

It took the third iteration before Bugatti agreed to put their prize and joy in the game, any game, but they did it with Forza 3 . . and Turn 10 have done an excellent job of detailing every square milliometer of the car, inside, and out. As have they done with the other 400 cars (plus additional cars in time to come)

Having played the most recent code possible before it went gold this week, (played latest code last week, I can say the game looks crisp, detailed and handles extremely well, much better than I had actually hoped.

coolirisGB3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

*Crosses fingers*

*Hopes to see the - SSC 2009 Ultimate Aero*

-1183 hp
-Top average speed of 255.83 mph

That video of the Veyron just shows the detail and the quality of the game. Turn 10 has taken great care in developing this game and it's now my #1 game on all the consoles I own for this year and most of 2010.

KionicWarlord2223714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Now that is a sick car .

Hope thats in forza 3 .

coolirisGB3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

The car(09 redesign) is pretty new Maybe DLC later on? PLEASE!.

Here is the link to the 2nd video in the oxcgn article, be sure to watch the 720p version to the left.

KionicWarlord2223714d ago

That would be great if it was dlc .

But i remember forza 2 had a car packs in march,september and december of the following year.


DelbertGrady3714d ago

It truly is a sick car...but this car beats all other cars on a track.

Not as pretty but oh so fast :) Wish it was in Forza 3.

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shutupandplay3714d ago

Whoa! It made it to the front page without the droids doing damage control. Looks like they dusted off the ol` ps3 and got together in some killzone 2.

soxfan20053714d ago

They'll be here soon enough. The Bat-signal illuminates the sky over their parent's houses whenever a Forza or Halo article is posted.

Sunny_D3714d ago

That is such a stupid insult. Why would a Bat signal be over their houses? Are you saying they are the BATMAN?=0 awesome!

Uncle Rico3714d ago

I dont think he meant batman literally ...geez...

should be the fan boy signal

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