Leaked Halo 3: ODST Gameplay has received some leaked footage of the campaign in the upcoming first person shooter, Halo 3: ODST. They have about 20 minutes worth so enjoy!

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Ron_Burgundy3717d ago

The SP last 20 minutes? not to mention this also includes the credits :P :P :P

PS3PCFTW3717d ago


i bet you uncharted 1 wipes the floor with this in a comparison.

BUT COME ON NOW? y would anyone do that?

HomoMeal3717d ago

O.M.G Halo is so 2007. Get with the program ladies.

El Botto3716d ago

Lmao @ the awesome graphics. That my friends, is true pinnacle and next gen visuals. Notice the superb enemy AI, the incredible amount of details throughout the environment, the awesome lighting engine and the awesome physics (ie exploding cars, flying debris, the realism of objects hitting eachother, raytracing, bullet hit response system).

What an awesome game!

/end sarcasm

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patterson3717d ago

20 minutes? Are they revealing the entire game?

Shadow Man3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

a 100+hr game AKA Oblivion in 10min,

And MGS4 in 8hrs, and Killzone2 in 6hrs.

N4G king3717d ago

@ Shadow Man

20 minutes < 8 hours and < 6 hours

patterson3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Search your feelings, you know it to be true

HomoMeal3717d ago

Oh shadow no thanks I like real manly games such as killzone 2, uncharted an my little pony.

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kalebgray923717d ago

why was my comment on this story

Cwalat3717d ago

Yeah that part was actually cool, but what else?

GameGambits3717d ago

Leaked? Naw. Probably Microsoft trying their best to get people to give a crap about this as they can.

We are ODSzzzzzzzzzzzz :(

FlameBaitGod3717d ago

Yup this is worth 60 bucks...... ROFL NOT!, That video was intense, stopped watching after like 25 secs, at least forza keept me entertained with the store

mal_tez923717d ago

But more of an uninteresting, less fun version.

UnSelf3716d ago

wow i almost forgot halo has no sprint button

hey halo can u hear me way back there in 05?

randomwiz3716d ago

ugh... the not being able to jump high just kills the fun for me. just watching it is irritating to me, it feels like someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard.

loser3716d ago

just one of the many games ill be picking up for my 360 and ps3 before the year is out

Jink3716d ago

The TV Ad of this game is way better than the game itself. If Bungie hadn't lost Halo rights to Microsoft, they could have teamed up with some people from Guerrilla Games to make a Halo game for the PS3 that would have looked, felt, and played like that TV Ad.
That commercial was so great, it leaves this game running short. Kinda like a self defeat factor, but in marketing. When I saw that TV Ad, I hoped for more, but... it seems to be the same as Halo 2, blah.
Its hard to believe that more money was used to make such a movie-like commercial, than the money used to make the game good at all.

Shepherd 2143716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I mean, what else would any of you have done differently? The opening scene is brilliant, and the gameplay looks like more of the same with a few twists to give it a fresh feel.

I mean really, someone answer, what would you have done? Killzone 2 was generic too, it tried the same flash thrills that COD4 did and the only difference was Killzone 2's awesome graphics. Other than that, Killzone 2 hardly did anything mindblowing gameplay-wise.

Its funny how everyone here has a sore ass over a game that although may be full priced by MS, it was never intended by Bungie to be anything except an expansion to a great game.

This looks like a fine piece of Halo fiction, day one purchase. Firefight mode will be waiting for me once i finish the sure-to-be great story mode.

The_Darkest_Red3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

What would I have done differently? How about start with creating a game that doesn't look like it could have come out in 2005. Maybe charge 30 dollars or even 40 for the "game" instead of 60. Did you watch those videos? Really? That is your idea of brilliant? I'm sorry but I seriously felt like I was going to fall asleep watching that and I am not really a Halo hater.

Now, as for KZ2, come back after you have played the game. As soon as you compare it to COD your opinion is completely voided because anyone who has put over 10 hours in either game will tell you how different they are.

As a wise man once said, "get that weak sauce outta here, son!"

Shepherd 2143715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

the opening scene is original and visually spectacular. Marines dropping to earth in shock absorbing pods during a blue explosion caused by an alien ship that jumped to lightspeed inside of a city? Where have you ever seen anything close to something happening like that in science fiction?

And if the only thing you can argue is the dated graphics for an expansion to a 2 year old game, or MS's pricing habits, then you lose. You have nothing.

You dont know anything about what it takes to craft a good story. Your just some kid who cares too much about eye candy or gritty alien gore and not enough about anything else.

Killzone 2 tried too much to be like COD4. Gameplay was the same except slower. Horribly linear campaign with tons of scripted events that are sure to be expected again next time you play throught it. Only difference from COD4 is aliens pal. Killzone 2 brought NOTHING NEW to the table except good graphics. It even came under criticism upon Killzone 2's release that it did nothing different from other FPS's, to which if i remember, a Fallout 3 dev defended it. Only defense the fanboys had was "But-but it has teh awesome graphicz!!". Killzone 2 is a great game but you people piss me off sometimes.

Reviewers will say it, sales will say, Xbox Live activity charts will say it, and i and my friends will say it after hours of Firefight mode play. The game will be great like all the other Halo games. You lose, no matter how many disagrees i get. Wash some of the piss and vinegar out of your ass will ya?

The_Darkest_Red3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

You call me some little kid and follow that with a string of insults. Take a step back and tell me who looks like the little kid.

Don't worry, I won't waste my time arguing with you after that last post. It's like trying to argue against a high school football player who says his team could beat the best NFL team. No point in arguing with ignorance.

"You lose, no matter how many disagrees I get." Yes folks, that is a direct quote. Don't worry, he'll be performing all week. :)

Also noticed this gem. "Only difference between COD and Killzone 2 is aliens." Do I even need to talk about this one? I'm still laughing!

Shepherd 2143714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

oh yea buddy, i did insult you. Know why? Cause if i was polite it wouldnt make a difference.

The reason you wont argue back is because you have nothing. You are one of a series, a random ps3 drone with no mind of his own. You cannot respect a great product and instead you resort to childish antics and biased comments of something you know nothing about. Its not a stretch to think that you suck at Halo's muliplayer(if you have even ever played it), therefore you degrade it and think its a gimmick instead of a fun or competitive system. You have never read the novels and do not care to think about Halo's story, so you disregard it as meaningless. Halo is on the console that competes with yours, so you ignorantly bash it with no real argument, as i have proven today.

As stated before, you lose, and yes as long as people like you post i will indeed be performing all week for free.

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LordMarius3717d ago

Yes, now I wont have problems falling asleep tonight

Cwalat3717d ago

Honest to god, i actually fell asleep for a while.. just watched the first 20 seconds and then when i woke up again part 1 had ended.

Am i the only one who thinks there is absolutely nothing special about this game? I'm sorry but if this even gets nominated as GOTY i'll puke.

Disagree all you want but can someone please tell me how this is different or better than any other shooter out there, is it because it's called Halo and MS does a good job marketing it?

LordMarius3717d ago


huh what? you were saying something....zzzzzzzzzzzz

bluhefner3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Stone Cold agrees