Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Demo: Biggest In History?

PSXExtreme writes: "You know, we've played 10-minute demos in the past, and although the length of playable demos has begun to expand, perhaps nothing will be able to touch the depth of what's coming for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

As most of you know, a multiplayer demo will release this week - if you've pre-ordered the game from GameStop; otherwise, you'll have to wait until September 29 to try it - and most are very excited. But it'd be a mistake to assume that this is "just another demo." No, after reading the full details, this early multiplayer jaunt might be the single biggest demo in history. Naughty Dog says they want to jam as much of the finalized multiplayer experience into a "reasonably sized file," which by the way comes to 1.5GB. This 1.5GB gives you four maps, four competitive modes, two co-op modes, that awesome cinema mode, the chance to create custom games for you and others, access to new skins, and 80% of the booster skills that will be in the full version. ...uh, isn't that pretty much a whole game right there? As IGN said, it's a damn good thing this demo ends on launch day; otherwise, people just might play this for months on end. Heck, you can even take advantage of the money system that lets you use accumulated cash to purchase new skins, boosters, weapon upgrades and taunts! We didn't have half this stuff in the multiplayer beta earlier in the summer, for crying out loud.

But anyway, if this isn't enough incentive for you to pre-purchase Uncharted 2, you should have your "gamer" label revoked."

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jack_burt0n3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I neeeed it >_< last beta was 2 and half maps and no frills still had me hooked 4 a month.

singhjeet293713d ago

Yes the beta was indeed awesome and this sounds wonderful, but I'm at the point where I'd like to just wait for it in the released version. Nothing is worse than seeing an amazing set piece in the multiplayer before you see it in the SP. Or getting tired of a MP before the game even releases :P

Just my take, I've already pre-ordered it at EB. And I hope all that play the demo, thoroughly enjoy it, just don't tire yourself out for the full game ;).

Regardless Oct 13 is going to be awesome. I cannot wait for more of some half-tuck!

jack_burt0n3712d ago


Yeah i know what you mean but i am confident enough in the dogs that MP is just a nice warm up for crushing lol and i dont think this one has any coop stuff so it wont literally spoil any locations I suppose seeing the snow might be a bit of a spoiler. Anyhow i wont even try and fool myself into believing i can resist every1 on me freinds list playing and being without it.

ReservoirDog3163712d ago

I'm passing on the demo. It was common sense that this would be good but to confirm it, I tried the beta awhile back and that's enough. I know I'm gonna get it and I know I'm gonna enjoy it.

bpac1234567893712d ago

letting people sample so much free content is a very risky move, this could honestly go both ways. For people that where on the fence the mp could either draw them in or pull them away. If it was up to me i would probably never release a demo of this size. You have to give people a small sample of your product because that keeps them coming back.
But i trust naught dog, and they havn't let me down yet. I want to see this game sell really well so that there is a strong online community.

aksmashh3712d ago

Its give some practice before its released so i'll "invisible" like when COD MW2 comes out (maybe not).

I can't believe people are complaining about it? its it a chance to play it early? Some people moan about anything

I know its going to be amazing so first day purchase, i know its not going get amazing reviews like COD because its a PS exclusive like Killzone, LBP ect..... & they were 9/10's easy

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TheColbertinator3713d ago

I can't wait for the Uncharted 2 demo.

Ron_Burgundy3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

haha when I pre ordered inFamous way back, the the lady at Gamestop handed me 1 of these bouchers for this beta, lol, SUCKER!!!! :P :P :P

Sparroo3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Firstly it's "voucher" not "boucher".

Secondly, that voucher, you got, was for the Multilayer BETA in June. he was talking about the DEMO coming on September 15th to Gamestop/Ebgames preorders ;)

Ron_Burgundy3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

no the lady gave me the one your talking about, she said she just got them

you don't get what I'm saying she accidentally gave me the voucher for the beta coming up, and then a week later when I got inFamous I got the one for June

oh and I accidentally pressed b for voucher instead of v -_-

Sparroo3712d ago

That's odd. I didn't know they had Demo vouchers back then...Are you sure?

Ron_Burgundy3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

on the back it says

Exclusive access for Gamestop customers with pre-order (next line)
Promotion Code: Valid *8/19/2009-9/18/2009

Then Under it says
Revenge Attribute

but I tried within the dates it says but it didn't work, so I'm guessing the one coming up is the one I'm describing right?

jack_burt0n3712d ago


yep it is for the new one.

villevalorox3712d ago

I hot 2! haha I asked my gamestop lady for a code for a friend and she gave me one. hope they still work. cuz that was so long ago >:(

Sparroo3712d ago

WOW yes that is the one coming up. I wonder how long naughty dog must have planed this demo...

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Ron_Burgundy3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

can't wait, gonna be incredible, and during the 1st beta I was playing on a 720p Sanyo with only 3,000:1 contrast and thought it still looked amazing.

couple weeks later after that I got a 37 inch 1080p 120hz 100,000:1 contrast Samsung tv

It's gonna be F'n amazing

Wiitactics3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Man, you're lucky... I only have an old Panasonic LDC 32' 720p with only 800:1 contrast. And it burns my eyes with its intense brightness and really bad colors/contrast. =(

And lets not even talk about the laaaaggg because mine has a response time of 14ms, a little bit too high. Most recent HDTV's are only like 5ms!

Shadow Man3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

It sucks for you, because is a know FACT that Real 1080p is noticeable starting at 42 inches. So you are stuck at 720p like most Xbox360 exclusives LOL

You bought FAKE 1080p

Pandamobile3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Shadowman has no idea how resolutions work. The game runs at 720. Having a 1080p set won't make a difference. All it does is scale the picture up. If you're sitting too close to the TV, you might notice some quality loss due to the TV stretching a digital signal. The only thing that will really concern you is the contrast ratio. If your TV has a good CR, you're golden.

OGharryjoysticks3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I don't need or want to play anything other than the full game now.

but it figures...Sony always gives a lot free

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