Justify Your Game: Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST may have been made in 14 months, but can Brian Jarrard justify it in 30 seconds?

Ron_Burgundy5123d ago

we can sit here all day and it's still not possible to justify a 60$ expansion

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PlayStation X5123d ago

masterchief died, along with halo a few year ago =/

kevinx10005123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

master chief is playing halo 2 during this game.
he took of with ship that jumped away at the very beginning of ODST.
(that's also a part in halo 2)

i don't need a justification. i got my 50 euros right here.
(this game is actually 15-20 euros cheaper than all new games in the netherlands) Day 1 buy for me!

Pandamobile5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

A game shouldn't need justification.

Ron_Burgundy5123d ago

you know there's something wrong with a game when you need people to justify it, and plenty of online articles about reasons why or why not it's worth the full price

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Another One5123d ago

a fun little thing that Kotaku does. Stop being morons. It has nothing to do with ODST needing to be justified. You either like it and will buy it, or you wont. It's as simple as that.

heroicjanitor5123d ago

The wii as a piece of technology isn't worth $250, but because people want it they can charge that price. Same here, it can't have cost them much to make but people want it and due to supply and demand, they can charge it.

FlameBaitGod5123d ago

LMAO!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO SAD, They had to make a video ROFL!!!!!!!

kalebgray925123d ago

but still a might buy .... never mind too many good ps3 games coming out... only 360 game that is day 1 purchase is mass effect 2.... that game is going to be beast... but then i got gow3, heavy rain and bioshock .... man come on microsoft give me games not twitter

Cwalat5123d ago

If you bought Halo 3 and liked it, then you won't give a crap about these criticisms. You'll still buy it. A halo fan should buy all titles in the franchise, even if you don't like it, it would be just to try it out.

I'm one of those who dislike Halo franchise in such a high level that you'd never see me holding a copy in my hand, but i have no problem with people who like it. I don't like it when developers have to justify the purchase for you when so close to release, which makes you wonder why. I think they themselves realize that it's not worth the full 60$. "2 new weapons, a new campaign with coop, 24 extra maps"... this to me doesn't sound very much after a year of development, especially when other games have more after a year of development. Like Resistance 2 60 player multi, seperate coop campaign, HUGE 30-40 maps, great story with 9-12 hour campaign.

But then again, approximately 8-9 million who bought Halo 3 will want another taste of their beloved franchise and who can blame them, if they liked the last game why not buy this one?

It's all good in the end, but developers shouldn't try to justify their own products... They should be confident enough to believe in their own products, and in the end this fake hype will only end up hurting sales.

Chubear5123d ago

Look at what a game like Uncharted2 is offering for 60bucks and look at what this game is offering for $60 and you tell me if ODST is worth 60smackers.

GameGambits5123d ago

Microsoft must've caught up that people aren't going to be in a mass spending spree on ODST.

Even the most hardcore of Halo fans should know this is a pure scam to get all your dollar bills. Think before you buy.

HolyOrangeCows5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

1) All new story (Which according to Bungie is 6 hours long (Which they soon changed to 10-15 because fans didn't like that small number)).

2) Lots of people have loved and enjoyed the Halo series (If everyone jumped off a cliff...)

3) 2 new weapons (OOOOOOOOOO, AHHHHHHHH..... -__-)

4) Firefight (Horde modes justify EVERYTHING, right?)

5) Beta (Okay, that's cool)

6) A bunch of maps, mostly recycled from Halo 3 (Way to go out with a bang, eh?)

That was WEAK. I can't believe they let this guy represent Bungie.
@1.4: Exactly. I want to get ODST eventually, but I'm not paying $60 for it.

Cwalat5123d ago (Edited 5123d ago )

..not only that but he claims that 25 million people have enjoyed the Halo series in the past few years. He's talking about his own series and i would think he would be more honest about that and not just throw in a number to get more hype.

ROUGHLY 25 million copies have been sold in total of 4 Halo titles. That's not 25 million people, that's about 6,25 million people per title. I'll even bet that it's the same people who bought Halo 1, 2 and 3 that will buy ODST.

badz1495123d ago

I think, ODST is indeed something!

kwicksandz5123d ago

alot of blind people here. Kotaku do a justify your game segment for every big release. Im sure we will hear a different tune once Uncharted 2s justify your game segment comes around.

Nikuma5123d ago

I think it's funny that matchmaking in halo 3 is considered to be one of the best things about it, and yet the new firefight mode doesn't even have matchmaking. Seriously?

badz1495121d ago

MGS4 native resolution is 1024x768 as apposed to 1280x720 for native 720p. HD or not, notice that vertical lines are the definitive measure of things thus 1280x720 is 720P and 1920x1080 is 1080P. clearly Kojima has put more than just 720 lines vertically compared to 720 and the game just look gorgeous!

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Berserk15123d ago

HAS NAME IS master BOT NOT master Queef.

kevinx10005121d ago

HAHAHA, that made my day!/sarcasm

solid droid... see how funny i am.

Pizzagaki5123d ago

It got better value then any ps3 exclusive ever made.

sunil5123d ago

I wasnt going to comment, but you sir live in denial.

wxer5123d ago

this is a perfect example
that pizza got no brain

NegativeCreep4275123d ago

you don't really believe that, do you?

If you really do believe that, you are really a f*cking fanboy idiot who shouldn't even have the right to express such a delusional opinion.

KingKionic 5123d ago

Halo has features that most fps dont have .

To discredit halo is like discrediting call duty 4 .

Biggunz5123d ago

what features are you speaking of?