European Playstation Store Gets Updated

Shortly after America got the playtstaion store update yesterday, European playstation has been updated today.Unfortunately, there is no new games and demo added, but two new trailers of Warhawk and Rocky and soundtrack-pack for Ridge Racer.

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TriggerHappy4480d ago

demo or anything, sucks big time, Wonder how European gamers are going to take this.

Biphter4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Thats how i'm taking it now. Im in Europe and thought the store started out really well, but since launch virtually nothing has come out. flOw appeared a week after, shortly followed by Super Rub a Dub. for the last month all thats appeared is Virtua Tennis demo (The ONLY new demo since launch) some video clips and ridiculous addons for RR and Genji.

I've really been looking forward to playing CaC, and its frustrating to see a major release game not being launched worldwide. What gives? I thought boundary restrictions only occured with physical disc distribution? Well that excuse wont rub anymore for us europeans having to wait. The internet has no boundaries.

AND we still have ZERO PS1 games. Nothing. Not even PSP versions.

AND no Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo.

Robotz Rule4480d ago

Euro gamers are being cheated!

The PStore here in the U.S. is great!

whocares4480d ago

I live in the UK and I'm so glad I've got a US account. As usual the EU gets stuffed which to be honest is a bit of a p1sstake as its a larger market than Japan.

masterg4480d ago

How did you get a US account?
Sign me up for one of those.

LSDARBY4480d ago

We never get anythin good added to the store like the US, Sony need to sort this out. Its beyond a joke. Constantly shafting europeans.

Vip3r4480d ago

The EU store is a joke. Sony really needs to sort it out as they could end up regretting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.