Envisioning A True PS3 Slim

Shak @ PS3Center writes:

"The PS3 CECH-2000A was released just less than 3 years after the original PlayStation 3 was released, in comparison the PS2 Slimline came out nearly 5 years after the original PlayStation 2 was released. It is also worth mentioning that Sony still loses money on each PS3 sold and is very reluctant to refer to the console as a "PS3 Slim." So it is safe to assume that we will probably see a further slimmed down PlayStation 3 in 2-3 years time, because Sony will eventually want to be profitable on each PS3 sold.

So what can we expect from a true PlayStation 3 Slimline? Well here's 3 ways we think Sony will make a true PS3 Slim."

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FrankFoxJaegar3712d ago

I definitely think SSDs are on there way in to the PS3. I think Super_Secret even mentioned that Sony was playing with them right now.

gaffyh3712d ago

Solid State Drive, I'm actually thinking of getting one for my PC (if they come down in price).

N4G king3712d ago

so you mean there is going to be
PS3 ???

lalalala3712d ago

They'll probably go with the words PS3 Slimline or Slim & Lite, like PSP

sunil3712d ago

SSDs are a very bad idea... Dont SSDs fail after 100000 writes or so? (per cell)

Microsoft Xbox 3603712d ago

IMO, Sony will drop a slimmer version 2 or 3 years down the line. They are the most efficient hardware developers in the industry. Reliable and full of win.

SnuggleBandit3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

all i know is that ssd's are expensive!!! very fast...but very expesive in relation to gb per dollar

^at above
ya know i was kinda thinking the same thing...i mean they didn't officially name it "ps3 slim"

commodore643712d ago

SSDs are not yet viable for consoles
They are too expensive and the capacities are not sufficient to justify the costs.

Although, the idea of having them in ps4 and xbox720 is droolworthy...

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Shendow3712d ago

A flipdisk drive??? are you joking?? That would look dumb on the PS3 Slim, that is the only reason why I really hate the slim PS2. That an the reason why I haven't bought a new PS2.

Anyways I love the way it looks and now after finding out theirs a site that will paint the system for you...well that is just awesome. (You can choose what colors you want on your PS3 an controllers)

lalalala3712d ago

Yeah flipdisc isn't pretty, but it's one of the main reason that the PS2 slim is so slim.

gaffyh3712d ago

@2 - Colorware do some fantastic stuff, love the white PS3 Slim.

@2.1 - Yeah I agree

NateNater3712d ago

Just to avoid confusion, its actually

kws10653712d ago

Since Sony doesn't officially name it as "Slim" it is not slim. I am expecting the real slim might be half the size of the recent PS3.

HomoMeal3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

oh give it a rest already. The slim has curves, it has style, its black and hard plastic with vibration and its so quiet itll never give out your love secrets....I almost wish my lover was this smooth "Oh sigh"

And for 299.00 usd you cant get a date and a c*cktail for that anymore

The Killer3712d ago

must be banned from living with people at the very least.

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