Xbox360 Tells Customer "I Am Laughing At You" And Hangs Up

Richard, a Xbox 360 customer has been having trouble with 360 during a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance session. He call the customer service has told him after some discussion:

"Is there anything else I can help you with... and by the way I am laughing at you."

I responded, "you are what?"

And he enunciated, "I am laughing at YOU."

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techie4231d ago

360's talk now? Strange title

marison4231d ago

Because that was way too long already. Is possible to understand, or should I?

techie4231d ago

Nah it's alright lol. Just amusing.

But I do suggest you put a little bit of description saying This customer (insert name) has been having trouble with 360 because....etc and the customer service has told him...

Then it'll make a bit more sense :)

Satanas4231d ago

Perhaps more info should be given in the synopsis instead then.

Edit: Err...what deep said.

Blackmoses4231d ago

Now I'm laughing at you too!!!

Xi4231d ago

But that sounds pretty fake. If he was laughing at him, it would be either, a) heard over the phone, or b his boss would fire his ass. I've worked in a call center, all calls are recorded so I'm pretty sure this is fake.

Premonition4231d ago

Maybe he did get fired at the end of the day, who knows.

EZCheez4230d ago

I can totally believe this story. I had an incident like this with Sprint and I had to report them to the BBB. Once everything was over, I had some sort of senior representative calling my house every other day for a week apologizing for what happened. Stuff like this does happen. I mean who's to think that assholes don't get hired in customer service departments. I know I have met plenty.

The BS Police4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

All calls and conversations are recorded, I think this may be a fanboy just trying to bring negative attention at Microsoft... or Microsoft fired him from his job, you never know.

Premonition4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Ive heard stranger things, like one where a woman called customer support and said her cup hold wont hold any cups (CD-ROM Drive) and instead of the guy helping her out on the other line, by atleast saying "ma'am it is not a cup holder its your CD-ROM drive, you know where you put CD's in". Instead he called her stupid and cursed her out, and was fired right away. Theres new things to learn and see everyday, and this doesnt sound to fake to me.

Xi4231d ago

also get fired immediately. And the quote ".. and by the way I'm laughing at you" is just really really dumb.

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The story is too old to be commented.