Fable 2 Hits New Milestone

It's been a while since Lionhead's last fabled community update, back in May, but they're finally ready to reveal some tiny bits of information about their Fable 2 role-playing sequel, coming... whenever, on the Xbox 360. Nothing too deep about the game's mechanics and such, though, just something that's "quite vague and allows [them] to say a few things without revealing anything too early". Have you guessed what it is yet? Let me give you a hint: it starts with "backgroud" and ends with "story".

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PS360PCROCKS5798d ago

I dont want to vote lame cause fable is cool but this story sucks

shotty5798d ago

How was fable 1 I didn't play it on my xbox 1. I heard it was good.

ACE5798d ago

i finished fable ,, it was a very good game , i would only like to see a bite more freedom in the world like oblivian for fable 2

Sphinx5798d ago

...and I hope the sequel improves on the first!

xXbebofisherXx5798d ago

fable was the best RPG i have ever played that was until oblivion came out. the story was way to short but the open endedness to it was one of a kind to the RPG scene at the time. now to see lionhead making a second one and more a less a grander scale since it will be more "futuristic" in the way of weapons and clothing not like our futuristic with robots and stuff. i personally believe lionhead will pull it off again with this sequel. but i guess we'll find out when its released. i hope they take a while and dont hype it alot. the more time it takes the better the game will come out visually and gameplay wise.

Smellslikepie5796d ago

What about Morrowind? That was a huge game, although it wasn't as funny as Fable it was still better because of open ended gameplay much like Oblivion, and more customization etc

Arsenic135798d ago

i want to have kids so i can baptize them in the blood of my enemies. hahaha!

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